Shaquille O’Neal Thinks He Could Average 50 Points In The NBA Today

It’s no tip that there is a bit of a order between a aged epoch — that is, a 1990’s and 2000’s — and new epoch of basketball fans and players alike.

One of a biggest advocates for ‘The approach a diversion used to be played’ is NBA fable Shaquille O’Neal, who played in one of a toughest eras in basketball history, a early 2000’s.

Shaq apparently looks behind fondly on his personification days, and recently seemed on The Lakers Podcast to plead how he’d go in today’s epoch of a NBA.

“If we played today, I’d normal 50, though giveaway throws…guys don’t play physical. They bemoan and they cry.”

Read that again. WITHOUT. FREE THROWS.

According to O’Neal, everybody in today’s NBA whines too much, and would have difficulty en track to averaging 50 points a diversion over a march of an whole season, a attainment that has usually been finished once by a mythological Wilt Chamberlain.

I have no doubt that a primary Shaq would be means to browbeat a NBA today, maybe even normal 40 a diversion if he’s lucky, though there is no way that any actor in NBA story would be means to consistently dump 50 points a diversion currently with how modernized NBA defences are.

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