Shaquille O’Neal says ‘fondest memory’ of Kobe Bryant was blank late shots contra Jazz

Like any polarizing figure in a NBA, Kobe Bryant also has during slightest one trait that we can all determine on: he is among a many feared purchase performers in joining history.

Shaquille O’Neal, his array one partner in crime during a Los Angeles Lakers’ winning power in a early 2000s, has had a front-row chair to dozens of those big-time shots.

When asked to simulate about his favorite memory of Kobe, however, “The Big Aristotle” had an answer that could be opposite than what any of us might have in mind.

It’s Game 5 of a 1997 Western Conference Semifinals opposite a Utah Jazz, a array Laker fans wouldn’t wish to remember.

Here’s what Shaquille O’Neal common with Spectrum SportsNet:

“My fondest memory of him was him carrying a courage in that Utah array to take those final 3 shots. Because we missed about 30 giveaway throws in a game, we didn’t wish to fire it. Eddie didn’t, Nick didn’t wish to fire it. He shot [four] airballs, and if we can remember, we went to him and pronounced hey, ‘All these people that are shouting during you, they will fear we one day since we know you’re going to strike some-more game-winners than you’ll miss.’”

Three of those 4 airballs were in overtime, though Shaquille O’Neal’s story might have best prisoner how intrepid Kobe Bryant is when a diversion is on a line.

Keep in mind that it was when a Lakers were confronting rejecting and Bryant was an 18-year-old rookie, who, during that time, was only another actor from a second unit.

Think about a balls that he had over a array of veterans that expected hazed him all season. Think about a badassery of a teen holding a reigns during break time for a Lakers. It’s Kobe Bryant with an underdeveloped “Black Mamba” venom, though only as aggressive.

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