Shaquille O’Neal Reluctantly Admits Rick Fox Was Vocal Leader For Early-2000s Lakers

Nathaniel S. Butler-Getty Images

Much of a concentration for a Lakers dynasty of a early-2000s was on a star players, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, and justly so. However, nothing of those championships occur though large plays from a team’s glorious purpose players like Robert Horry, Derek Fisher, Brian Shaw, and Rick Fox.

Of all of a purpose players, Fox tends to trip by a cracks for some reason. He was a lockdown defender, one of a team’s loyal enforcers, and a arguable shooter. And even yet Shaq didn’t wish to acknowledge it during first, Fox was noticed as a inspirational, outspoken personality for a team.

On Inside a NBA, O’Neal primarily claimed that he was a outspoken personality for a Lakers who done certain guys were involved. Co-host Kenny Smith, however, ceaselessly argued that was false, and after adequate prodding, Shaq finally relented:

Shaq: “Me.”

Kenny: “You weren’t that guy, Shaq.”

Shaq: “I did everything. What are we articulate about?”

Kenny: “You weren’t a male who would get everybody vocally involved. we watched we play your whole career, man. we was on a building with you.”

Shaq: “Say it again. we wasn’t a male that did what?”

Kenny: “You weren’t a outspoken male revelation guys to get on a building a approach KG was only doing.”

Shaq: “Stop it. Yes we was. … You know what, substantially Rick Fox. When we was in Orlando, it was Horace.”

Every group needs that actor who creates certain everybody is sealed in and gets on their box when they aren’t. Sometimes it’s a star, though infrequently it’s a purpose actor and for a Lakers Fox was that guy.

The fact that Shaq was so austere that he was that male before finally revelation differently is flattering hilarious.

Perhaps it is since he doesn’t have those famous purchase shots like Horry or Fisher, though Fox can be forgotten. Needless to contend if he weren’t around, those Lakers teams would not have been as good as they were.


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