Shaquille O’Neal playfully proposes to Korean cocktail star

Earlier this month, four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal done a special coming on a well-known Chinese accumulation TV uncover dubbed The Champions. In a Jun 15 part of a program, Shaq was assimilated by Victoria; a member of famed K-Pop girl band f(x).

Things unequivocally picked adult on a uncover when Shaq was introduced to Victoria, with a seven-foot mammoth getting down on one knee and playfully proposing to the 30-year-old hostess – finish with a fragrance of flowers and an rendezvous ring in hand.

Here’s the clip of what could’ve been an astonishing union for The Big Aristotle (via YouTube channel addicted to kpop):

Of course, this was all for uncover and Shaq was only portraying his lovable, goofy self. It’s tough to heed what was pronounced during a event, though as forked out, Victoria went along for a float and jokingly mentioned that she’d have to ask her mom for accede initial before observant ‘yes’ to The Diesel.

This indeed wasn’t a initial time that O’Neal had planned to settle down with another Asian celebrity. Constance Wu, who stars in a ABC sitcom Fresh Off a Boat, brought up on Jimmy Kimmel Live a impulse when Shaq asked her to marry him.

It’s also value observant that O’Neal was rumored to have been engaged to Laticia Rolle, his long-time girlfriend, behind in Mar of 2016. Although a dual have yet to strictly tie a tangle over a year after a news pennyless out, it’s still flattering transparent that a 15-time NBA All-Star has a ambience for petite women, with Victoria and Constance positively wise that bill.

With all the spicy Eastern hotties that Shaq has been savoring of late, maybe it’s time to grant him a new moniker: The Big Kimchi.

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