Shaquille O’Neal mixes it adult inside a Octagon with UFC fable Forrest Griffin

Shaquille O’Neal has prolonged been a fan of a UFC and churned martial arts.

And recently he showed off some of his skills as he stopped in to a UFC Performance Center in Las Vegas and churned it adult with Hall of Famer Fofrest Griffin.

Here’s an disdainful shave of Shaq removing in a Octagon opposite Griffin. The NBA fable looks flattering flexible for his age and large size.

That video is from Shaq’s new interactive Facebook Watch array called Big Chicken Shaq that is following a NBA Hall of Famer as he works toward opening his initial grill in Las Vegas called Big Chicken.

Here’s some-more on a show, that we can watch now on Facebook Watch:

The eight-episode series will account O’Neal’s tour as he angles to change his already bustling life with a grill – dynamic to say his unaccompanied amusement in a process. Fans will be given countless opportunities to interact with Shaq and offer opinions that will impact how a new grill unfolds. The array will also underline a accumulation of calm in-between episodes, and O’Neal will leverage Facebook Live to warn fans with cookalongs, ambience tests and other activities.

“It’s going to be so most fun conceptualizing my possess restaurant, and I can’t suppose a better group of people to do it with than with my incredibly loyal Facebook fans,” O’Neal said. “It’s an event for us to collaborate together, and we know a Facebook village will offer terrific feedback.”

You can see this UFC-heavy reward part starting Saturday. Along with carrying some fun with Griffin, Shaq meets with Dana White and gets choked out in a part by UFC warrior Claudia Gadelha.

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