Shaquille O’Neal: LeBron James is ‘a reduction of Michael, Shaq and …

Shaquille O’Neal has finally gotten to a bottom of it. LeBron James has etched his name into a NBA record books not by following someone else’s mold, though by adhering loyal to a singular talents he’s honed and grown over an shining 14-year career.

O’Neal knows accurately whose ability sets James’ diversion mimics:

“He’s a reduction of Michael, Shaq, and Magic,” O’Neal told’s Joe Vardon. “Shaq, given he’s bigger and stronger than everybody. Michael given he can measure whenever he feels like it. And Magic given he does a good pursuit removing everybody else involved. He’s been like that his whole career. Even in high school. we knew he was a special man in high school.

“I’ve usually met dual people like him,” O’Neal continued. “Him and Kobe. Guys that were super dynamic ever given high propagandize and achieved all their dreams, and only wanted to be satisfied and famous as one of a biggest and both had unusual careers.”

By now we know James’ story and lane record of dominance.

The man’s been to 7 uninterrupted NBA Finals and has a possibility to win a fourth championship opposite a installed Golden State Warriors group in June. He’s delivered a ring to both a Miami Heat and a Cleveland Cavaliers, and has destroyed annals along a way.

As a observant goes, “real recognizes real.” And to Shaq, LeBron’s looking genuine informed right now.

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