Shaquille O’Neal Hits Blueface Dance, ‘Bust Down Shaqiana!’

Forget The Big Shaqtus … only call him Shaqiana now — ’cause Shaquille O’Neal strike a Bust Down dance — and kinda dejected it!!

Okay, it wasn’t all that good … though dude is 7’1″, 324 pounds — so give it adult for him!!!

It appears a unpretentious Blueface curtsy went down only off a set of Shaq’s ultra-popular “NBA on TNT” uncover Monday night … where O’Neal pennyless it down for a few people in a bureau (one of whom had a dungeon phone, appreciate god). 

There was a thespian buildup … some hip thrusting … and even a small moth dance. It was great.

There were some moving moments — Shaq did try to dump things a small too low and seemed to tweak his groin. But don’t worry, he’s gonna be okay!!!

It’s only a latest overwhelming attainment that O’Neal’s supposing us on set … ‘memba when a 46-year-old threw down a beast dunk a integrate of weeks ago?!?


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