Shaquille O’Neal Gives Teen 10 Pairs of New Size 18 Shoes to Pay Forward Childhood Good Deed

Shaquille O’Neal has usually done a new fan for life in a teen who has been struggling to find boots that fit his feet.

Zach Keith might usually be 13 years old, though a immature basketball actor already has distance 18 feet.

His mom has been incompetent to means new extra-large sneakers for her son – though luckily, O’Neal listened about a family’s quandary and was desirous to help.

Since O’Neal famously wears a distance 23, he could empathise with Zach’s onslaught for propitious footwear. The late NBA fable faced a same difficulty when he was usually an 18-year-old college tyro acid for distance 18 penny loafers to wear to his high propagandize prom.

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Bruce Teilhaber, who is a owners of Friedman’s Shoes in Atlanta, Georgia, gave O’Neal a giveaway span of boots for promenade – and O’Neal has been selling during a shoe store ever since.

O’Neal has never lost that act of affability from his childhood; so as a means of profitable it forward, he invited Zach and his mom to Friedman’s Shoes and bought a teen 10 new pairs of opposite shoes.

“I suspicion this was a good thing to do,” O’Neal told CBS News. “Kid plays basketball, and Bruce did it for me, and we usually wish to lapse a favor.”

(WATCH a video next or a general viewers can watch a footage on a CBS website) – Photo by CBS News

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