Shaquille O’Neal Doesn’t ‘Approve’ of All NBA Fashion, though Admits He ‘Probably Used to Dress a Little Weird, Too’

In today’s NBA, players’ pregame outfits sometimes make some-more sound than their on-court performances.

Four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal tells PEOPLE he’s not always too penetrating on a habit choices of some NBA stars —but, contemptible folks, he’s not fixing names.

Instead, Shaq, 45, offering them some pivotal conform advice.

“When it comes to fashion, generally traffic with business, dress like you’re assembly a CEO,” Shaq pronounced during the American Express Teamed Up eventuality in New York. “Don’t dress like you’re going to a club.”

However, a basketball fable understands that he’s comparison than today’s immature NBA superstars — and that each era is different.

“I demeanour and always have to contend to myself, ‘What was we doing during their age?’ ” Shaq admits. “I saw an aged design yesterday. we had on a suit, though my coupler was down to my calves,” he adds with a laugh.

It was an picture that Shaq’s publicist happily granted to PEOPLE.

“Look, if we can make someone laugh, afterwards I’m doing my job. The universe is a improved place with some-more smiles,” says Shaq, who late from a NBA after a 2010-11 deteriorate and is now a TV celebrity on TNT’s Inside a NBA. He also plans to run for sheriff in possibly Florida or Georgia in 2020.

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Shaq’s conform clarity can be traced all a approach behind to a 1992 NBA Draft, during New York’s Rochester Big and Tall. With usually $300 in his pocket, a star unknowingly picked adult a $3,200 fit and asked a clerk how most it was.

“My name is Shaquille O’Neal,” he says he explained to a cashier. “I don’t have any income yet, though trust me, after they call my name [at a NBA draft], I’m gonna be rolling in a dough.”

Four NBA Championships later, Shaq still buys his suits during Rochester Big and Tall — and he’s still parsimonious with a clerks.


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