Shaquille O’Neal calls out LaVar Ball as ‘Mr. 2.2 a game’ — issues challenge

If we suspicion your allotment of laughable claims from LaVar Ball would come to an finish after he spoke his son Lonzo Ball in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform into existence, we have another thing coming.

In a midst of a media frenzy surrounding his triple-double, triple-brand-wearing son, Ball pronounced he and his younger child LaMelo would “kill” Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal and his son Shareef — one of a highest-touted high propagandize talents in a nation — in a two-on-two game.

Video pleasantness of Overtime:

Shaq, of course, saw this as a straight-up plea he was peaceful to take in a many laughable of ways, wearing a blonde wig and lip-syncing (very badly) to a song, though severe Ball to that diversion of two-on-two.

The soaring 7-foot-1 Diesel even warned a wake-up call to a loudmouthed Ball, observant he’s done some-more giveaway throws per diversion than he averaged points per game, job him “Mr. 2.2 a game” in light of his college scoring average.

If lavar round beats me I’ll superglue this wig to my conduct forever. It’s usually one BIG BALLER BRAND and that’s me THE SHAQ BRAND. Wake adult bro. we done some-more giveaway throws in a diversion afterwards a Points we averaged mr 2.2 a game. Respect this initial balloter #relax #justwatchyoursonplay #shhhhhh #youtoloud #youcanneverbeattheonealboyz

A post common by DR. SHAQUILLE O’NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on Jul 16, 2017 during 8:49pm PDT

While many see this as another Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor philharmonic — a lot of fans would certainly perform this two-on-two matchup only for a giggles… and a atomically slim probability of Shaq carrying that wig superglued during an Inside The NBA broadcast.

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