Shaq to Iowa high propagandize athletes: ‘Make them remember your name, baby’






Shaquille O’Neal give some recommendation to a tyro athletes during a All Iowa Sports Award eventuality in Des Moines.

Shaquille O’Neal has a short, yet hefty recipe for success for Iowa high propagandize athletes: listen, watch, learn and steal.

He spent his high propagandize career on a U.S. army bottom during Cole High School in San Antonio. It was a tiny district, where large jaunty success wasn’t expected.

But O’Neal listened to his parents, he watched and practiced good basketball — and as for a steal?

Steal all we like about your favorite players, he said. 

Take it. Practice it. Make it your own.

Tie that all together with a faith in yourself, and there can be no finish to your success.

“Always believe, no matter what,” O’Neal said. “If we have those attributes, that’s a discerning approach to success.”

O’Neal spoke to thousands of Iowans during The Des Moines Register’s All-Iowa Sports Awards during a Iowa Events Center Saturday evening. The second-annual eventuality honors a jaunty performances of Iowa’s tip high propagandize athletes — yet also a good impression they’ve shown.

In a sauce room during a Iowa Events Center in downtown Des Moines, O’Neal throws a resin coupling opposite a room aiming for a rabble can, betting he can make it for $20.

It lands a feet away.

But loyal to his fast suggestion he tries again.

And misses. He’s out $40.

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