Shaq Launches Barack Obama-Inspired ‘Big & Tall’ Fashion Line & Reveals How To Rock His Looks

Shaquille O’Neal has 4 championship rings, and now he has a conform line! At over 7-feet tall, Shaq is rising his Big Tall XLG wardrobe line exclusively with JC Penney! He took inside a collection before it hits stores on Sep 13!

If there truly is a male who’s finished it all, it’s Shaquille O’Neal. — In his 19-year NBA career, Shaq racked adult 4 NBA championships; he’s a 15-time All-Star; he has his jerseys late with both a Los Angeles Lakers (No. 34) and Miami Heat (No. 32), among other accolades athletes usually dream of. Now, he can strictly supplement “fashion designer” to his resume.

Just in time for Fashion Week, Shaq is rising his XLG Big Tall wardrobe line for a “everyday hardworking, respectable man!” The XLG character will be sole exclusively during JCPenney stores and is accessible (in-store and online) on Sep 13. The pattern of a collection is in a name. At over 7-feet tall, while Shaq has never had problem falling baskets (especially free-throws), anticipating garments to fit his distance has been tough over a years. The NBA fable took us inside a creation of his collection before it strike a racks.

Featuring over 60 pieces, including suiting separates, competition coats, and dress shirts — (up to sizes 6XL and 5XLT); ties (available in extra-long) and belts (L-4XL) — any object in a collection is accessible for underneath $200. Making a men’s line that fit a niche assembly that isn’t typically catered to, while still being stylish and affordable during a same time was something Shaq set out to do. Not to mention, he’s penetrating on demeanour fly, himself. “I have to put my outfit on a building before we wear it,” he admitted, while each lady reading this is many expected nodding their conduct in agreement.

This collection is for a tasteless overworked important large man, that wants to demeanour good,” he told during a jubilee of Big Tall brazen of a launch in New York City. “From personal research, we know that with a large and high stuff, we go in there (to a store) and they give us a tasteless stuff. —The desirous male t-shirts, a stinkin’ brownish-red blazers, a dumb-as-hell khaki pants. We wish to wear voluptuous slacks and parsimonious jackets (too). Now, we’re doing that for a large and high male for an affordable price.

Shaquille O'Neal Big  Tall Collection

Shaquille O’Neal celebrating a launch jubilee for Shaquille O’Neal XLG Collection exclusively during JCPenney on Aug 21, 2018 in New York City.   

“This collection will make we demeanour good and feel good,” Shaq said, adding the President Barack Obama, is one of his character icons. And, nonetheless he towers over Obama, in terms of height, Shaq certified that a collection was desirous by him.

As for because the NBA legend opted to group adult with JCPenney? — “They know a large and high man,” Shaq said, adding that  a dialect store hulk it a place he’s shopped during prolonged before their collaboration. “So, it was usually right we went with JC Penney. I’m not perplexing to assign people $3,000 for a blazer.”

Shaq even took us by a pattern routine and explained how to take his wardrobe line from day to night. “The garments are really respectable. If you’re a New York guy, operative 9-5, we competence not go too flashy, though we still wish to demeanour good,” he said. “Say you’re during work and we wish to demeanour sexy, so, chuck on one of these blazers. Then during night, take a tie off, unbutton a shirt a little, uncover a chest hair, and strike a bar.”

When it came down to a pattern process, Shaq was concerned each step of a way. The business noble voiced that a Big Tall routine relied heavily on teamwork — something he fast tapped into from his days on a court. “Every time we do a business understanding with somebody, we get in basketball championship mode. What I’ve satisfied from personal knowledge is that whenever I’d try to win a championship by myself, I’d lose. As shortly as we started utilizing my teammates, we started winning championships. There’s no secret, we can’t cocktail adult during 47-years-old and be a conform designer, everybody knows that. So, what did we do? You get a conform engineer indicate guard, conform engineer tiny forward, conform engineer energy forward, and afterwards when they chuck it to you, we impact asperse it.”

If we wish to demeanour “pro-fession-al” — a 3 difference (or syllables) Shaq chose to report a collection — afterwards conduct over to JC Penney on Sep 13 to patrolman some new threads!

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