Shaq helps Charles Barkley exhibit he hasn’t ragged underwear in 10 years

Charles Barkley has another reason to hatred Shaquille O’Neal.

While appearing on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon asked a Hall of Famer what it was like to work with Shaquille O’Neal on Inside a NBA. Barkley went off, job Shaq a “bully,” a “Shrek lookalike” and added, “If they didn’t compensate me, we wouldn’t work with a goof.”

Then, Fallon suggested O’Neal asked him a video question: “A source tighten to me tells me we don’t wear underwear when you’re live on TV. How come we don’t wear drawers?”

Barkley suggested 10 years ago, he suspicion they were nonessential and he burnt all his underwear.

“I feel good about it, Jimmy,” he added.

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