Sean is King of a Castle as new hothouse opens in Sunderland

A two-year-old was King of a Castle for a day when he non-stop Sunderland’s newest nursery.

As a initial child to pointer adult during Castle Kindergarten, small Sean Hanson was given a honour of slicing a ribbon, with a bit of assistance from silent Katie Stephenson.

Ruth Rutter, manager of a new Castle Kindergarten.

Ruth Rutter, manager of a new Castle Kindergarten.

The new Ofsted-approved Castle Kindergarten, formed during Albany Village Primary School, provides year-round, weekday caring and welcomes babies and pre-school children aged from 3 months.

The nursery, that has sister centres during Hylton Castle in Sunderland and Sacriston in Durham, welcomed a initial children by a doors this month with an opening rite to symbol a occasion.

The Castle Kindergarten group also hold an opening day drop-in session, welcoming visitors and giving them a event to demeanour around a new Albany facility.

Sean’s mam Katie, who lives in Washington, said: “I am gay that Sean has staid true in on his initial day. He loves it. we have been quite tender by a staff – they have been fantastic.”

Kindergarten manager Ruth Rutter said: “We’re anxious to acquire Sean and all a new starters to a nursery.

“It’s sparkling to see a children enjoying and interacting with a illusory resources we have here.”

Ruth and her group of childcare practitioners have grown 3 individually-designed bedrooms for a nursery’s babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

She said: “We have designed gentle and mouth-watering bedrooms and versed them with a operation of engaging and healthy materials to kindle a children’s oddity and rise their scientific nature.

Left to right: Ruth Rutter, Michelle Hinder, Kerry Dixon and Olivia Ayre.

Left to right: Ruth Rutter, Michelle Hinder, Kerry Dixon and Olivia Ayre.

“The play-based curriculum we have grown will concede any child to swell during their possess gait and to follow their possess interests.”

Castle Kindergarten owners Sue Morgan and Kay Rooks said: “We are gay that a kindergarten has non-stop a doors and is now providing childcare for a internal community.

“The group has done a bedrooms demeanour poetic – cosy and mouth-watering – and has filled them with lots to seductiveness a children. We are really vehement about a future.”

To find out some-more about a new hothouse revisit a Castle Kindergarten Albany Facebook page or revisit

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