Sasha Banks And Luke Harper Are Emblematic Of WWE’s Talent Mismanagement

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Let’s leave aside a draconian agreement clauses, and also a unhappiness of WWE losing one of a best talents and potentially alienating another. The specific failures to get a many out of Luke Harper and Sasha Banks, respectively, are several and complicated, yet essentially elementary during bottom. They’re an complaint of a broader failures of a association that feels unequivocally small feverishness from competitors and mostly seems to act according to a whims of a 73-year-old dictator. The intertwined stories of Harper’s requested redeem and Banks’ intensity depart simulate how WWE’s corner position has sapped a ability to do what a wrestling graduation is ostensible to do, and are a worrying pointer that, even as a genuine aspirant appears to be heaving itself from a former sludge, WWE is not going to change.

Harper’s story is both some-more common and some-more demoralizing. The 39-year-old complicated has been in WWE given 2012, as a many ominous flesh of Bray Wyatt’s Wyatt Family stable, that developed from a engulf cult to a abnormal collection of weirdos with under-defined powers and underwhelming successes. As partial of a Wyatt Family, Harper was quick and vicious, generally when compared to his associate strongman Erick Rowan. He didn’t have Wyatt’s glamour or a support of WWE’s preference makers, yet managed to settle a impression out of small some-more than a stained tank top, blue jeans, and his possess talent.

His in-ring talent was never an issue, as Harper arrived from a indies—he was Brodie Lee, there—as a finished product: a energy wrestler who changed around a ring like a cruiserweight, throwing his physique around and clobbering some-more rarely regarded antagonists. His rise opening of this epoch came during one of a misfortune pay-per-views in WWE history: BattleGround 2014. The Wyatt Family (Harper and Rowan) took on a pre-urbanized Usos in a two-out-of-three falls tab group match. The durability takeaway from a hitch was that Harper was positively a star.

And nonetheless that stardom never utterly came to pass. Harper separate from a Wyatt Family, won a Intercontinental title—his power lasted usually 27 days, yet that featured a memorably aroused ladder compare opposite Dolph Ziggler in Dec of 2014—and afterwards returned to Bray’s embrace. This is where WWE forsaken a ball.


No one will ever contend that Bray Wyatt’s scuffle with Randy Orton during WrestleMania 33 was anything yet a dud. What could have been a good wrestling compare between dual able opponents instead leaned tough into misled abnormal elements, many infamously Wyatt branch a ring into an audio-visual shock featuring a garland of bugs for some reason.

Harper positively should have been in that match. The story in a months heading to a biggest uncover of a year had been that Bray believed he had converted Orton into one of his minions. Harper, who had been with a Family mostly given a start, was not assured of Orton’s sincerity, and his suspicions incited out to be right. The throng was behind Harper, and it would have done clarity to place him in a compare as a force for good. He also would have supposing a in-ring work rate that competence have during slightest towering a compare from whatever it was into a wrestling showcase.


Instead, he was unceremoniously forsaken from a storyline, afterwards repackaged with Rowan as a Bludgeon Brothers, a zero tab group that had no story over carrying around nonsensical Super Mario hammers. They won a tab titles, yet never paid off on Harper’s potential. Injuries and artistic insusceptibility have led to Harper being suspended in a years since, that in spin led to him requesting his release.

WWE blew it with Harper, a array of impacted mistakes that looks expected to cost a graduation a plain mid-card talent with categorical eventuality wrestling skills. That is close unforgivable, yet in a mishandling of Sasha Banks a graduation appears to be fumbling divided an tangible star. Given her glamour and talent and in-ring work, Banks should be one of a many famous people in wrestling. Instead, she’s now on hiatus, after melancholy to quit WWE following a botched WrestleMania creative decision.

The former women’s champion walked into New Jersey dual weeks ago as half of a first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team champions, alongside long-time frenemy Bayley. By all accounts, a span had lobbied tough behind a scenes for a introduction of a tab titles as a response to a women’s register ripping with talent yet with usually dual categorical titles to seek; those titles would get rather one after in a night, as Becky Lynch won both a Raw and SmackDown Live women’s titles in a first-ever women’s categorical eventuality during WrestleMania.


The thought was that, by putting a tab belts on a many famous and dear pairing outward a categorical event, WWE could unequivocally make them meant something. Instead, a association took a belts and gave them to a IIconics, a pleasant Australian twin that’s nowhere nearby Banks or Bayley in terms of wrestling ability. This wasn’t a bad choice in itself, as a IIconics are waggish and carrying them uncover adult on each code is a plus. But it highlighted how careless a graduation is when it comes to Banks.

According to Dave Meltzer, Banks and Bayley were not told that they were losing their belts until a day of a show, notwithstanding a fact that copiousness of others knew backstage for some time. It’s a common pleasantness for promotions to let wrestlers know what’s in a works for their careers, and it was not one WWE extended to Banks or Bayley. That disregard clearly pushed Banks, a life-long wrestling fan, over a edge. She attempted to quit a association and has not been seen given a large show.


David Bixenspan ably lonesome since both Harper and generally Banks will have a tough time indeed withdrawal a association on their possess terms, yet their pull to do so should shock a ruin out of WWE. While Harper would expected make a good vital in a indies and/or in Japan, Banks would be an apparent aim for All Elite Wrestling, a new Cody Rhodes/Young Bucks-led graduation debuting in May.

Backing from a Khan family, of Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham FC fame, has ensured that AEW has a income to contest with WWE. They’ve spent smartly so far, scooping adult brand-name indie wrestlers like Kenny Omega, Penta El Zero M, and Rey Fenix among a initial large collection of signings. Adding Banks to a women’s multiplication that’s filled with talent—most of it, during this point, alien from Japan—but brief on name approval would be a outrageous bonus for a promotion. AEW would presumably fire her to a tip of a graduation from a start.

AEW’s small existence should frighten WWE. This is not since it will unexpected remove ratings to a pretender counterpart, that it expected won’t. It’s since a new graduation is providing wrestlers with an choice to holding whatever WWE deigns to give. The ability to carve out a high-profile vital in a singular graduation outward of WWE’s globe hasn’t existed for many years, and for someone like Banks, who had a brief indie career before spending a final decade in a WWE system, a awaiting of furloughed a nation for indie-sized crowds competence not be unequivocally appealing. But if she can make good income during a conduct of AEW, unexpected withdrawal a attention personality creates some-more sense.


And while it might be formidable to indeed get out of her agreement with WWE, as Bixenspan outlined, she could also only lay out a residue of that deal, as Neville did before going behind to a indies. WWE positively has a top palm in both Banks’s and Harper’s situations, yet contracting unfortunate talent to a graduation by authorised charge is not a approach to build a healthy or successful business. If there’s a aspirant that can replicate many of a things WWE offers, yet with a some-more wrestler-friendly disposition, that aged hardball expected won’t work as good as it used to. Being such a graduation is clearly one of AEW’s vital offered points; Rhodes himself left WWE since of artistic mismanagement, and hatred him or adore him, there’s a honeyed irony in him spearheading a many well-positioned aspirant to WWE in decades.

The existential hazard that AEW represents to WWE’s effective corner on American pro wrestling has turn harder to skip in new months, with both a Revival and a Usos recently rumored to be dipping for potentially greener pastures. In those cases, WWE responded accordingly, giving a Revival, that is one of a best tab teams in a universe and a large reason for a stream tab group rebirth in NXT, a pretension run and locking in a Usos to a remunerative multi-year deal. Of course, a Revival immediately went behind to being punks, losing all sorts of non-title matches before dropping a belts on a WrestleMania pre-show. The Usos also forsaken their possess tab titles a week after WrestleMania, nonetheless that preference during slightest served a purpose: to get a twins to Raw, where their tab group imagination is deeply needed.

Will WWE do a same for Banks, once she earnings from her time off? A Sasha Banks-Becky Lynch argument is expected a best thing WWE can run that it hasn’t already attempted on a categorical roster; a span had a show-stealing compare behind in 2015 during NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable, and their characters are adequate during contingency that they would build to an easy and noted argument if given a chance.

Or WWE could give Banks a new partner, given that Bayley is now on SmackDown Live, and set her on a query to collect her tab pretension belts from a IIconics, or whoever binds them when she returns. Turning Banks heel would concede her to redeem some of a Boss impression that she was in NXT, when she would relentlessly annoy each other lady on a roster. The options are there if WWE wants them.


It would be good if a awaiting of losing one of a biggest homegrown stars jolted WWE into changing a ways going forward. Knowing a promotion, though, it’s tough to have many faith. While a register is obscenely overpopulated during a moment, both Harper and Banks always stood out to everybody yet a brass; their stream predicaments are explanation of how dangerous WWE is with a talent it controls. With other options now rising as viable destinations, WWE would be correct to start treating a talent as a promotion’s many profitable resource, before it’s too late.

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