San Francisco 49ers: Why LB Reuben Foster could make 2018 Pro Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers have had a smashing offseason in 2017. Headlining this year are a employing of new ubiquitous manager John Lynch and conduct manager Kyle Shanahan. One of their best decisions could have been selecting linebacker Reuben Foster with a 2017 NFL Draft’s 31st altogether pick. Niner Noise breaks down a intensity 2018 Pro Bowl actor and his tour to a 49ers.


San Francisco 49ers’ linebacker Reuben Foster’s tour to a NFL came on a somewhat imperishable road.

At February’s NFL Scouting Combine, a former Alabama luminary had a small bit of a mishap. He was discharged after an evidence with a sanatorium worker.

At a time, no one knew accurately what led to a incident.’s Charley Casserly talked about a occurrence here. Casserly is a machiavellian maestro of a NFL and a entities, and review a conditions ideally though a whole story. Over a month later, a whole story came out.

NFL Network and’s Ian Rapoport reported a mix occurrence stemmed from a diluted drug test. All media platforms apparently told an artificial chronicle of this story, as Foster claimed it wasn’t something that would occur again.

“I apologized for that, I’ve schooled from it.” “That’s in a past and it won’t occur again.”

Knowing he would be placed in a NFL’s Substance Abuse Program Foster said, “Put me in a program. Test me.”

Once comparison with a 31st collect in Round 1, everybody knew a football actor a 49ers were getting. NFL Network and’s possess breeze consultant Mike Mayock compared Foster to a Carolina Panther’s LB Luke Kuechly.

The 49ers new ubiquitous manager John Lynch also knew what he was removing and devoted Foster via a process.

According to Sam Hustis of, Lynch was quoted as saying:

I would expect people maybe doubt some of his character, though we will tell we his impression is what drew us to him. When we start articulate football with this immature male he lights adult a room. And he’s a good kid. we trust in a kid.

He’ll be a good actor for this organization for a prolonged time.

Putting all above together, unequivocally paints a pleasing portrait, for 49er fans, for Foster’s early success. Our possess James LeBreton wrote about Foster’s ability to be immediately extrinsic into a team’s starting defensive revolution as a WILL (ROLB)– that we determine with totally by a way.

Let’s go a step serve and speak about:

  1. Foster’s Character
  2. His Passion
  3. And his Physical Ability

These elements all equal a good actor who is unfailing for good success. Foster’s shoulder damage was his usually genuine problem.

But according to GM Lynch, it won’t be a problem. In “Lynch We Trust” 49er Faithful. Get prepared for 2017!

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