San Diego Padres: Matt Kemp earnings to Petco

Matt Kemp’s lapse to Petco Park this week allows memories of his ungainly exit from a San Diego Padres to resurface once again.

Scattered boos greeted Matt Kemp on his lapse to San Diego Tuesday night. The outfielder had been one of a heralded additions to a Padres in late 2014 as General Manager A.J. Preller attempted to brief circuit a outing to a playoffs.

In his rush to build a contender, Preller unsuccessful to commend a container and disappearing defensive skills that Kemp would bring. Worse though, he indeed helped a rich multiplication opposition Los Angeles Dodgers.

If Preller had even checked out a Los Angeles Times’ coverage of a Dodgers now and again, he would have detected that a group desperately indispensable to get out from underneath Kemp’s agreement and giveaway adult space in a outfield. The Padres even gave a Dodgers an additional gift: a young, controllable catcher famous for his pitch-framing ability, Yasmani Grandal. Grandal has turn a Dodgers’ primary catcher.

Drafted by a Dodgers in 2003, Kemp had sealed a $160 million, eight-year agreement in 2012. However several injuries, an opinion problem and a bolt of outfielders including Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier, Joc Pederson, Scott Van Slyke and Yasiel Puig, done him expendable.

“In a camber of 3 years, Kemp had left from a actor who was baseball’s best and would be a Dodger perpetually to one whose bar was profitable 8 total to an intra-state, intra-divisional opposition to take him off a hands,” Ben Reiter commented in May of 2015 in Sports Illustrated.

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Just a year and a half later, a Padres traded Kemp to a Atlanta Braves. And he took a shot on his approach out a door, observant he had “never unequivocally played in a ball city before. I’m vehement about that.” Kemp also admitted in The Players Tribune, that he had “gained a repute for being selfish, idle and a bad teammate.” He went on to contend that he didn’t indispensably determine though that those days were over.

In Kemp, a Atlanta Braves perceived a big-name actor to showcase this deteriorate as a group opens their new stadium, SunTrust Park. The Padres, however, perceived Hector Olivera, a Cuban outfielder, brimful with a $28.5 million agreement and a cessation for domestic violence. Olivera was immediately designated for assignment. This year a Padres will compensate a whopping $37 million to players no longer on a roster, including $8.5 million to Kemp and $2.5 to Olivera.

During his time with a Padres, Kemp had important descent stats, .264/.301/.462 with a .763 OPS. However, he harm a team’s invulnerability in right margin (-.24.1 Defensive WAR in 2015). While not a hall cancer, Kemp did not yield a maestro care that should have been expected.

As Padres’ fans wait a attainment of a waves of talent from a plantation complement betrothed by a organization, a Kemp story should yield a cautionary story on A.J. Preller’s visualisation in trade for maestro players. Kemp’s story of injuries, deteriorating invulnerability skills, and controversial opinion should have supposing plenty warning signs.

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