San Antonio Spurs: Top 5 indicate guards in authorization history

San Antonio Spurs, SAN ANTONIO, TX – MAY 3: A tighten adult shot of Tony Parker

The San Antonio Spurs had a handful of gifted indicate guards lead a way, though who are their 5 best ever?

The indicate ensure position acts as a building ubiquitous on a basketball court. This actor calls a plays, leads traffic, and gets a offense issuing for their particular team. It’s turn one of a many talented — arguably the most talented position — in a NBA. Players like Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, and Russell Westbrook are a leaders of a indicate ensure container in 2017.

For a San Antonio Spurs, their best actor has mostly been during a large male spots in their decades-long history. However, they’ve still perceived unchanging prolongation and had some really good players reason a indicate ensure position.

Over a past 30 years, a one mark has been used to feed a Spurs’ gifted large men. David Robinson and Tim Duncan perceived copiousness of touches, that were taken from a team’s indicate guard. This was partial of a approach a group guided itself to victory, including 5 NBA championships with Robinson and Duncan featured in some or all of them.

The Spurs have a intensity Pro Basketball Hall of Famer during indicate ensure right now, who’s impending a finish of his career. How high will he rank?

Before him, there were important names to reason a position in a 1980’s and 1990’s. One of them even went on to be a NBA and college basketball conduct coach.

The Spurs had a handful of engaging names fly by their franchise’s storied tenure. Who ranks in a tip five?

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