San Antonio Spurs: The Reality of a Rodeo Road Trip


The San Antonio Spurs are struggling so distant on their annual Rodeo Road Trip. Here’s because this outing competence cost them their season.

Remember when a San Antonio Spurs would play 9 games on their annual highway outing and wander behind into a Alamo City with a 7-2 record? How about when a Spurs would float that movement into a postseason, clearly always a top-three seed in a installed Western Conference?

Well, maybe a Spurs have come behind down to Earth this season.

Thus far, San Antiono is 0-4 on their Rodeo Road Trip losing any diversion by an normal of 20-plus points while giving adult no fewer than 125 points during this stretch.

Obviously a waste harm their record, though we can't disremember a stress of their opponents in those games. The Kings, Warriors, Blazers and Jazz are all possibly in a playoff design or are in a dog quarrel to secure a berth as a deteriorate wanes.

The remaining report of a highway outing has a Spurs adult opposite an always tough Memphis group that rivals a delayed and grind-it-out play of San Antonio, a homecoming for DeMar DeRozan in Toronto and a punish diversion for Kawhi Leonard, a Knicks and Nets back-to-back, and afterwards they finish adult a outing opposite a well-coached Detroit group installed with jaunty bigs.

The final thing a Spurs need is to remove belligerent and probable tiebreakers to these teams that demeanour to take a 7th or 8th seed from them. Secondly, and arguably customarily as important, is a certainty factor, generally when these younger teams such as Sacramento or Utah feel empowered when they edging adult contra an aging, less-athletic Spurs team.

A bad finish to this highway outing after a severe start could also emanate disastrous movement over a final integrate months of a unchanging season.

Within a 3-week duration of returning behind home, a Spurs have matchups opposite a likes of Oklahoma City, Denver, Milwaukee, Portland, Golden State, Houston and Boston. Yes, a Spurs customarily arrange 20th in remaining strength of schedule, though with each diversion being essential down a widen in securing a playoff spot, a Spurs can’t means to be reeling.

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In past seasons, San Antonio has enjoyed a oppulance of resting players in sequence to be uninformed walking into a post season, though with their new play, there is a genuine probability that LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan continue to play extended minutes, ranking 39th and 12th in minutes per game.

The Spurs now arrange 25th in defensive efficiency, that could be unpropitious for a San Antonio group that does not have a descent firepower of a top-tier teams in a association.

The Rodeo Road Trip is customarily seen as a time for a Spurs to gel, though San Antonio is struggling mightily this time around and acid for a life coupler in a sea of sharks that make adult a Western Conference.


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