San Antonio Spurs: Stephen Jackson was forced to select a pretension or weed

When Stephen Jackson had his initial army with a San Antonio Spurs, he was forced to make a decision.

The San Antonio Spurs’ championship origin started in 1999 when they won a NBA pretension in a strike-shortened season. This continued into a 2000’s, totaling 5 titles for a organization, all of that came underneath conduct manager Gregg Popovich.

For a 2002-03 team, Stephen Jackson played a poignant purpose and contributed to a 2003 NBA championship. In a unchanging season, he averaged 11.8 points per diversion in 80 appearances. However, it wasn’t Jackson’s initial year on a Spurs, as he played 23 games for them in a 2001-02 season.

Before that year started, Jackson met Popovich who laid out an ultimatum: if we wish to play for a championship, stop smoking weed. This was suggested in an speak on Ryen Russillo’s ESPN radio show (h/t Yahoo!):

“I remember personification great, and after a final game, we’re usually sitting there, and Pop was like, ‘I need to speak to you.’ He was like, ‘Jack, we had a good summer league, you’re personification well, we unequivocally wish we on my team, though there’s usually one approach you’re going to make my team: During a season, we can’t fume weed, Jack. You usually can’t do it. we need we focused. we need we on your game, since we know we have a possibility to win a championship, and we need we focused.’

“And once he told me that, we close it down. we close it down. The NBA was approach some-more critical than weed. Trust me.”

Jackson giving adult weed led to his time on a Spurs for dual seasons, removing that formerly mentioned title. He parlayed that into a extensive NBA career that spanned another 11 years, personification for a Indiana Pacers, Golden State Warriors, Charlotte Bobcats, Milwaukee Bucks, and Los Angeles Clippers.

From 2011-12, Jackson returned to a Spurs for a second stint. He mostly came off a bench, personification 76 games and starting 7 of them. This became a Oak Hill Academy product’s final dual prolific seasons, before going to a Clippers and personification usually 9 some-more games.

Jackson’s eagerness to listen to Popovich’s recommendation paid off and led to success. What do we remember a many of his time in San Antonio?

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