Sammy Watkins wants NFL players to be paid like NBA players, though there’s an apparent reason they aren’t

It’s turn a summer tradition: NBA giveaway group starts, teams start handing out absurd contracts and NFL players protest they don’t make as most money.

It happened final year when a man like Timofey Mozgov landed his $64 million understanding from a Lakers. It’s function again this year after giveaway agents concluded to deals totaling scarcely $1 billion in a initial 24 hours of giveaway group alone.

Bills WR Sammy Watkins took notice and motionless his breeze category would be a one to tighten a gap.

One problem, Sammy: It does supplement up, and a math is flattering simple.

Sure, a NFL creates some-more income than a NBA, though there are reduction mouths to feed in a NBA.

Let’s do some simple math: The NFL creates about $6 billion a year. There are 1,696 players on NFL rosters during any given time. That is about $3.5 million per player. There are 450 players on NBA rosters during any given time. The joining brings in about $2.6 billion a year. That works out to about $5.7 million per player.

The inconsistency in salaries creates ideal sense. So unless a NFL decides to cut down a rosters by about 75%, NBA players will continue to make some-more income than NFL players.

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