Sami Zayn Beats Mike Kanellis during WWE Battleground 2017

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Sami Zayn gained a magnitude of punish Sunday night during Battleground, as he degraded Mike Kanellis in a hate compare around a Helluva Kick.

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Bleacher Report’s Kevin Berge wasn’t a fan of a match:

Kanellis done his WWE entrance during Money in a Bank alongside his wife, Maria Kanellis. They talked about a energy of adore and could mostly be seen enchanting in open displays of love in a following weeks.

Zayn fast became a thorn in their side when he incidentally interrupted an talk shred while scheming for a match.

Maria after demanded that Zayn apologize to them, though a Underdog from a Underground mocked a happy integrate instead.

That led to Maria rocking Zayn with a howling slap before Mike pennyless a potion vase over his conduct and left him writhing in pain.

Zayn was postulated a compare with Kanellis on a go-home part of SmackDown Live before to Battleground, though a numbers diversion once again left him in a bad situation.

The Canadian Superstar seemed staid to kick Kanellis with a Helluva Kick, though Maria entered a ring and stood in front of her father to forestall Zayn from executing his finisher.

That daze was adequate for Kanellis to recuperate and strike Zayn with a Power of Love and collect adult a feat in his entrance match.

Since a outcome was plainly unfair, however, Zayn was postulated a rematch during Battleground, that noted Kanellis’ initial pay-per-view hitch in WWE.

While Kanellis is new to WWE, he has copiousness of knowledge in other companies around a world. He is best famous for his stints in Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling, where Maria was also a pivotal figure to his success.

Zayn has had his moments on WWE’s categorical register though has nonetheless to win a championship or be requisitioned consistently as a top-level Superstar.

Sunday’s compare was an critical one for both competitors in terms of surpassing on a SmackDown register that mostly provides opportunities for unheralded performers.

Zayn’s win was rather startling deliberation it was Kanellis’ initial pay-per-view match, though it could be a certain pointer with courtesy to a renouned babyface removing a poignant pull soon.


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