Roundup: Pro Bowl Draft, Kanye Versus The World, Kaley Cuoco Raps

Emily Ratajkowski … this Australian radio interview is extraordinary … Broadway rodent dies … stop streaming Elite League hockey … befuddled coyotes terrorizing California drivers … overwhelming cinema from Winter Storm Jonas … Florida lady wakes adult with exotic animal on her chest … statue’s conduct reunited after 130 years … a FBI stopped a mass shooting … Big Mac salsa sold out immediately, accessible for 20 times sell online … full explainer of a Wiz Khalifa / Kanye West / Amber Rose thing ….

The Pro Bowl breeze was yesterday. I’m certain we watched it live and took thriving records and have been articulate about it with friends given final night, though only in case, here’s a recap. []

How many income is a Wounded Warrior plan wasting? [CBS]

Mammoth skeleton found on construction site for new Oregon State facilities. [Gazette-Times]

Former Texas AM tutor says he told to transparent “good” players. [Statesman]

Mike Haywood has a second possibility during coaching during Texas Southern. [FOX Sports]

The story of a Super Bowl’s many puzzling legend, Timmy Smith. [The Guardian]

Jose Aldo wants an evident rematch with Conor McGregor. [Yahoo!]

Ronda Rousey, who still competence not be eating apples yet, will not be prepared for UFC 200. [ESPN]

13-years ago Steve Kerr described – in good fact – a ideal shooter. Sound like anybody we know? [Yahoo!]

Wiz Khalifa sings about weed over Adele’s “Hello.”

Here’ a video from 2012 display Charles Barkley dump his Cam Newton was a good investment fun around a 2-minute mark. Classic.

Kaley Cuoco will preform “Move Bitch” on Lip Sync Battle tonight. This is only a open use announcement.

Fred Alarmisen.

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