Roundtable: Who is a biggest Penguin — Sidney Crosby or Mario Lemieux?

Sidney Crosby pennyless Mario Lemieux‘s Pittsburgh Penguins symbol for career postseason points with a idea and an support in a Penguins’ 5-0 subjection of a Philadelphia Flyers in Game 4 of their first-round playoff series. Crosby determined a record of 173 with his 62nd career playoff idea mid by a second period. So we asked a NHL experts:

Has Crosby surpassed Lemieux in a Penguins pantheon yet? If not, what else does Crosby need to accomplish?

Greg Wyshynski, comparison writer: Let’s start with a clarification of terms. Mario Lemieux is a many widespread hockey actor I’ve ever seen, with a premonition that girl and a frustrating stipulations of a pre-digital universe didn’t concede me to see Wayne Gretzky in his prime. And if a “Penguins pantheon” extends off a ice, well, Mario’s work to keep a Penguins in Pittsburgh substantially merits a second statue outward a arena.

That established: Within a Penguins pantheon, Sid has surpassed Mario. Let’s concentration on where it depends a most: a postseason. That Crosby now leads a Penguins in postseason points (173 in 152 games) is admirable, though as common Mario wins in representation distance (107 games). Crosby has a Penguins record for many multipoint games in a playoffs, with 59, to Lemieux’s 51. They both have won dual Conn Smythe Trophies as playoffs MVP.

They separate in dual places. First, that Crosby won that third Stanley Cup to Mario’s dual victories. Second, that his back-to-back MVP performances in winning back-to-back Cups is an exponentially some-more considerable fulfilment than Mario’s back-to-back Cups and Conns, given a relations peculiarity of play in their particular eras, as good as a complicated hurdles Crosby had to understanding with in a salary-cap age.

Look, I’ll openly acknowledge to being an epoch snob. This evidence would change dramatically if Crosby had a event to post 199 points like Mario did when a goals-for normal for teams was 3.74. (It was 2.77 final season.) If this is a greatest-players-of-all-time list, Lemieux’s numbers expected arrange him aloft than Crosby. But within a context of this franchise, we consider there’s a box to be done that Sidney Crosby is a biggest Penguin. He came into a joining vital in Mario’s basement. It’s his residence now.

Emily Kaplan, inhabitant NHL reporter: we have a tough time comparing stats. I’m dating myself here, though we still can’t hang my conduct around a actor scoring 80-plus goals and notching scarcely 200 points in one season. Since Lemieux’s epoch (1984-2006) was so vastly opposite from Crosby’s (2005-who knows when), stat adjustments don’t utterly do it for me, either. The comparison is about impact. It’s tough to understate Lemieux’s stress to Pittsburgh. He thrice regenerated this franchise. Lemieux’s attainment in 1984 remade a Penguins into winners. Fifteen years later, he saved them from bankruptcy, and, in 2007, he ushered in a new locus understanding to retard a group from bolting to Kansas City (despite flirting with a possibility).

When it comes to quite on-ice achievements, Crosby has a possibility to magnitude adult to Lemieux, if not transcend him. Crosby winning a third uninterrupted Stanley Cup, something his coach fell brief of, would amplify his case. And if Crosby’s Penguins win 5 (or more) championships in his tenure, as Crosby leapfrogs Lemieux’s postseason indicate totals, we’ll have to import that heavily. The pantheon now stands as a 1a and 1b situation; and Lemieux’s sum physique of work creates him a easy A.

Chris Peters, NHL prospects columnist: As many honour as we have for Crosby, it’s tough for me to put him forward of Lemieux. Super Mario was such a unaccompanied talent, with 6 scoring titles to go with his dual Stanley Cups. If we’re articulate pristine ability, there is no contest. Lemieux was a finish weird of inlet and one of a many means players ever to seem on a ice. There’s no doubt that Crosby has taken his place in a top row of authorization history, with usually Lemieux forward of him, though No. 66 is No. 1 for me.

I’m with Emily in that if Crosby leads a Pens to a third uninterrupted Cup — his fourth altogether with a authorization — it will positively slight a gap. But we consider Lemieux is too inbred in Pittsburgh’s culture, a verbatim savior of a authorization and one of a many unusual players to play a game. It will be unfit for anyone to disintegrate him as a face of a franchise. With all of that said, a Crosby statue will make a good further outward of PPG Paints Arena when he finally decides to hang adult a skates.

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