Rory McIlory says Tiger Woods taught him to be ‘ruthless’

PORTSTEWART, Northern Ireland – Tiger Woods taught Rory McIlory to be ruthless, a Northern Irishman suggested on a eve of a $7 million Dubai Duty Free Irish Open.

McIlroy has won 4 vital championships, been universe series one, has 9 PGA Tour and 9 European Tour wins outward a majors. He’s won a European Tour’s Race to Dubai 3 times and is a reigning FedEx Cup winner.

He owes a lot of that success to training to be as cruel and greedy as Woods was in his prime.

“It’s not about not personification you’re best,” McIlroy said. “It’s realising it’s fine to be a winner. It’s fine to have that mind‑set and it’s fine to be a small selfish.

“I theory when it unequivocally arrange of strike home with me was like when Tiger had a whole liaison thing in ’09 and ’10 and he came back, and apparently there was a lot of speak going on. But he got into row during Augusta when he came back, and people desired it, and people desired that he competence win and people desired that he was a winner.

“And after all went down, we was like, people like winners.  People like people that are successful, and it’s fine to be one of those people. It’s fine to have that cruel streak.

“It only arrange of strike home with me –  we don’t have to feel guilty about it. You don’t have to feel like you’re greedy or you’re better. It’s that we wish to win. The reason we rehearse and we work tough is given we wish to win golf tournaments and hopefully put your name in a story books, and arrange of when it strike home with me, we said, it’s fine to have that mind‑set.”

McIlroy is now a world’s series 4 actor – “Back to Ringo,” he joked – though feels no need to try to force his approach behind to tip mark and unseat Dustin Johnson from a tip of a central universe golf ranking.

“Does it worry me? Look, it bothers me I’m not where we wish to be. But we feel like there’s been a integrate of things that have been out of my control this year that have led to that with a injuries and stuff.

“Winning golf tournaments and personification good takes caring of a rankings.

“I know where we am and we realize that I’m a prolonged approach off where we wish to be, though we can’t consider about that during a minute. we only have to consider about perplexing to win golf tournaments, perplexing to get in row again during golf tournaments, initial of all. Then only personification good takes caring of a lot of that stuff.”

McIlroy can make inroads on Johnson’s series one standing with a repeat win in his inhabitant championship. The internal favourite is a 6-1 favourite to turn a initial actor to successfully urge a Irish Open given Colin Montgomerie in 1997.

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