Rio de Janeiro Olympics cost $13.1 billion

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — An research by The Associated Press shows that a cost of putting on final year’s Rio de Janeiro Olympics was $13.1 billion, paid for with a brew of open and private money.

Officials of Brazil’s Public Authority for Olympic Legacy pronounced during a news discussion Wednesday, a cost for “sports-related venues” was 7.23 billion reals ($2.06 billion). In addition, a Rio organizing cabinet formerly pronounced a cost of using a Games during 9 billion reals ($2.8 billion).

The Olympic bequest physique did not comment for other Olympic-related costs. But a AP performed them in emailed statements from city, state and sovereign agencies.

Those costs were 26.385 billion reals ($8.2 billion) for, among other things, a transport line, a doping laboratory, a renovated pier and cleanup of soiled Guanabara Bay.

The doping laboratory was paid for by a sovereign supervision and cost 163.7 million reals ($50 million). A delay-plagued transport line devise that was built to bond fans to Olympic Park had a cost tab of 9.7 billion reals ($2.98 billion). According to a state auditor’s news cited in August, a railway was overbilled by 25 percent.

Another bequest project, a restoration of Porto Maravilha, a run-down ancestral area in Rio, cost a city 10 billion reals ($4.2 billion).

“Should a nation with such inequality as Brazil have hosted such an eventuality with this turn of investment,” sovereign prosecutor Leandro Mitidieri said. He pronounced it would be formidable to use a Olympic venues in a approach that would beget adequate income to cover upkeep expenses.

“It is a plea and we can see a difficulties,” he said. “We commend a difficulties.”

Officials presented a news during a Olympic Park in suburban Barra da Tijuca, that now consists of mostly empty venues. Last month a sovereign prosecutor pronounced many of a venues were “white elephants” that were built with “no planning.”

The Rio Olympics, that non-stop 10 months ago, were tormented by large financial and organizational problems, and were hosted as Brazil sank into a deepest retrogression given a 1930s.

The state of Rio de Janeiro has been months late profitable teachers, sanatorium workers, and pensions. The state also reported record-breaking crime in 2016 in roughly all categories from homicides to robbery.

The problems around a Rio Games — and a issue — have called into doubt a knowledge of cities building new venues each few years to accommodate an eventuality that lasts usually over dual weeks.

Paulo Marcio, a conduct of a Public Authority for Olympic Legacy, talked vaguely about skeleton to use a venues. The Olympic Park has staged especially tiny inhabitant or internal events.

He did not offer any cost or income total with many of a Olympic arenas now being operated by Brazil’s sovereign government. A devise to auction off a venues to private operators unsuccessful when usually one bidder was reported to be interested.

“I consider that in a brief duration of time we will be means to broach this legacy, and we have already been successful,” he said.

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