Returns, Debuts, And Surprise Entrants In Greatest Royal Rumble

Out of a fifty entrants during a Greatest Royal Rumble, there were members of a Smackdown, Raw, 205 Live, and NXT rosters. There were also some entrants creation their lapse to a WWE ring or entering for a initial time. Before a event, names like Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio Jr, Great Khali, and Chris Jericho were announced though others were unannounced surprises. 

#5 Mark Henry – His initial compare given a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal during WrestleMania 33. 

#7 Hiroki Sumi – A veteran Sumo wrestler creation his WWE debut. 

#12 Hornswoggle – His initial compare on a WWE promote given 2014. 

#24 Tucker Knight – from a NXT tab team Heavy Machinery.

#28 Rey Mysterio – First coming given Royal Rumble compare in January. The dual Royal Rumble appearances have been his usually WWE matches given 2014. 

#34 Roderick Strong- NXT Tag Team Champion 

#37 Babatunde – NXT wrestler and former veteran football player. 

#40 Dan Matha – NXT register member 

#45 Great Khali- First WWE coming given interfering in Punjabi Prison compare during WWE Battleground in 2017. First WWE compare given 2014. 

#50 Chris Jericho- First WWE compare given Jul of 2017. 

Fightful Wrestling had live coverage of a whole Greatest Royal Rumble eventuality and a recapping podcast

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