Report: Swimmer alleges receiving ‘inappropriate’ texts from phone belonging to longtime Phelps manager Bob Bowman

A former Olympic swimmer claims to have perceived “inappropriate and suggestive” messages in 2011 from a phone belonging to Bob Bowman, a longtime manager of Michael Phelps and former conduct manager and CEO of a North Baltimore Aquatic Club, according to a journal report.

The Orange County Register reported that Olympic medalist Caroline Burckle, 32, alleges that she perceived a content messages and voicemail, that she pronounced were sent from former U.S. inhabitant group coaches Bowman and Sean Hutchison regulating Bowman’s phone.

Burckle told a journal she found a May 2011 messages from a coaches “aggressive” and pronounced she had been “haunted” by a incident. She had late from swimming reduction than a year earlier.

Bowman has coached Phelps, who grew adult in Towson, given a swimmer was 11, and a dual are friends and business partners. Bowman served as CEO of a Baltimore swimming bar commencement in 2008 and left in 2015 to turn conduct manager of Arizona State University’s men’s and women’s swimming teams. Bowman also was a head manager of a 2016 Olympic swimming team.

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