Report: No tickets will be sole for Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson $9 million match

The usually people on a march for a Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson $9 million compare over Thanksgiving will apparently be … Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. According to a news from a Las Vegas Review-Journal, no tickets will be sole to a big-money event.

That doesn’t technically meant Woods and Mickelson will be alone as camera crews and sponsors will positively be in attendance, though it will yield a bizarre backdrop for dual of a best to ever play. Here’s a Review-Journal with more.

Multiple sources who are informed with a formulation pronounced a tiny entertainment of sponsors and VIPs will be given entrance to Shadow Creek, that is owned by MGM Resorts International. The eventuality is believed to be a initial televised pay-per-view golf event. Broadcast rights are hold by WarnerMedia.

Also, no tools of a compare will be played underneath a lights as was underneath conjecture following Mickelson’s comments about a eventuality being hold in primary time.

I’m not totally certain how we feel about this. we do like a luck of it being played during night. we consider it would be formidable to approach trade on a golf march during night so it creates clarity because fans wouldn’t be authorised in. Also, we consternation what a direct would even be in person. This seems like something that would work a lot improved on radio in a approach it is being presented (as prolonged as it’s presented in a right way).

I’m still a small indeterminate of this whole eventuality being pulled off correctly. The line between stupid and overwhelming is a flattering skinny one, and it’s one that has proven formidable to walk. With Mickelson and his antics involved, a whole prolongation competence still be good (I’m carefree for this!), though it also competence tumble a small prosaic given a turn of hype going in and, well, a peculiarity of golf we only saw during a Ryder Cup from any of these golfers.

Wink of a CBS eye to Golf Channel

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