Report: Lakers Player Lost $1M Endorsement Contract over Daryl Morey China Tweet

Pat Sullivan/Associated Press

The NBA‘s ongoing play with China has reportedly come during a poignant financial cost to an unnamed Los Angeles Lakers player. 

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reported a member of a Lakers lost a $1 million publicity understanding as a outcome of a dispute that started with Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s twitter in support of pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong.

The fallout from a twitter primarily started with the Rockets, as a Chinese Basketball Association and several blurb partners suspended their partnerships with a team. Some Nike stores in China stopped selling Rockets attire and sell as well.

The emanate shortly extended to a NBA during large, with several Chinese companies putting their partnerships with a joining on hold. 

Lakers star LeBron James told reporters Monday he suspicion Morey “wasn’t prepared on a conditions during palm and he spoke” before deliberation a probable repercussions of his tweet:

James simplified his matter on Twitter and pronounced he was referring to a impact felt for NBA players and officials:

ESPN’s Rachel Nichols reported NBA Commissioner Adam Silver met with players from a Lakers and Brooklyn Nets in China: “During a assembly with a players, sources said, Silver was directly asked either anything would occur to Morey, as several players pronounced they believed that if a actor had cost a NBA millions of dollars since of a tweet, there would be repercussions.”

Silver formerly said in a statement he reputable a sweetmeat of a Hong Kong emanate for Chinese people, though a joining wasn’t going to retaliate anybody who uttered an opinion on a matter.

Although Morey didn’t accept a grave excellent or suspension, his position might now be illogical in Houston:

James alluded to a feverishness players could accept notwithstanding mostly being bystanders as a story unfolded. Now, someone on a Lakers register is reportedly a organisation instance of that, and it’s probable he won’t be a last.

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