Renowned fighting tutor and researcher dumps cold H2O all over Conor McGregor’s prospects of violence Floyd …

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The chances of a mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor
McGregor took a step brazen on Monday when UFC boss Dana
White pronounced
McGregor has concluded to a understanding to face Mayweather in a boxing

The understanding still has to be authorized by Mayweather’s camp, though one
of a biggest obstacles, McGregor’s agreement with UFC, seems to
have been hurdled.

If a dual sides determine to a understanding for what would be a marquee
fight, one large doubt stays — how would McGregor, a UFC
fighter, satisfactory in a normal fighting compare opposite Mayweather,
an undefeated boxer?

According to fighting tutor and researcher Teddy Atlas, not very
well. Atlas
spoke to ESPN
 in May about a prospects of training
McGregor to box and dumped cold H2O all over a potential

conor mcgregor
Conor McGregor would need 5 years to sight to fight
Mayweather, according to Atlas.


When asked how he would sight McGregor to quarrel Mayweather, Atlas

“First off, we wouldn’t. He has no possibility in a normal boxing
match. His usually possibility would be with MMA rules, where he could
try to move Floyd to a pad where he could — of march —
simply be a victor.

“He would need about 5 years — and I’m being very
inexhaustible and regressive — of fighting training and
knowledge to even perform a suspicion of being competitive
with any A-plus-level boxer.”

Atlas was asked again how prolonged it would take to ready McGregor,
and he repeated, “None. Think in terms of Social Security.”

When asked again about McGregor’s chances of violence Mayweather,
Atlas said, “Again, to be some-more definitive: none. If we were
a Vegas oddsmaker, we would not list a betting line on

While Atlas did consent and report how he would train
McGregor, it’s transparent that one of a many eminent minds in
fighting thinks that there’s no possibility McGregor could beat
Mayweather. The styles of fighting are too different, and
McGregor, after training a certain approach for so many years, would
have to wholly reprogram his instincts and technique.

If this quarrel ever does come to fruition, it may be a
lifeless bout, regardless.

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