Red Sox GM compares Yankees to Golden State Warriors after bustling trade deadline

Heading into Monday’s non-waiver trade deadline, a New York Yankees unequivocally bolstered their big-league ballclub. They combined relievers Tommy Kahnle and David Robertson along with third baseman Todd Frazier and starting pitcher Sonny Gray, among a few other some-more teenager moves. 

The Yankees came into Monday with a 1/2 diversion lead over a Red Sox in a AL East and had a awaiting accumulate to severely bulk adult their big-league roster. They did a good pursuit with it while a second-place Red Sox combined only infielder Eduardo Nunez and reliever Addison Reed (which was a good addition, to be sure). 

One competence remember behind over a winter when a fortifying AL East champion Red Sox traded for ace Chris Sale. Further, one competence remember Yankees ubiquitous manager Brian Cashman referring to a Red Sox as a Golden State Warriors, a import being that a Red Sox had built a “superteam.” 

It appears that Red Sox ubiquitous manager Dave Dombrowski never forgot, since he called a Yankees a Warriors 3 times when articulate to reporters on Monday: 

“You meant a Golden State Warriors, you’re articulate about? Yeah. Yeah, we consider a Golden State Warriors have significantly done some moves. we approaching it. we would have been astounded if they didn’t. But we consider Brian [Cashman] substantially has done them a Golden State Warriors and we’re a poignant underdogs, when I’m listening to a MLB Network. So it kind of switched. we would anticipate, like he pronounced progressing in a year that he didn’t know a Red Sox would remove a game, we consider it’ll be a same. we don’t know how they’ll remove a diversion right now. They done some good moves. They done their bar significantly better. It didn’t warn me during all. It was out there for an extended duration that they were looking to do those things.”

Notice also that Dombrowski was disturbed about what a MLB Network analysts were observant and it’s a bit of a head-scratcher. He apparently feels like his ballclub is still good adequate to take a East, so because worry about it? 

Then again, some-more Yankees and Red Sox contention behind and onward is never unequivocally a bad thing, generally if they’re gonna be fighting for a multiplication pretension down a stretch. 

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