Real Madrid’s Vazquez joins Ronaldo, Mourinho and Ramos on pizza menu

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With a new manager in charge, Real Madrid returned to winning ways on Wednesday with a extensive though mostly approaching 4-0 feat over third-tier minnows Melilla in a Copa del Rey.

As good as removing Santi Solari’s halt power off to a drifting start, a night was additional special for Real brazen Lucas Vazquez, whose mother Macarena happens to be a internal of Melilla — a tiny Spanish enclave on a north seashore of Africa that shares a limit with Morocco.

Indeed, Vazquez is so confirmed in internal enlightenment that he even has a pizza named after him during a internal pizzeria in a centre of town.

According to Marca, a Vazquez pizza was designed by a actor himself after he was invited to do so by a owners of Anthony’s Pizzeria — a grill he, his mother and his wife’s family visit often.

The toppings embody chicken, tuna, pepperoni and boiled onion, that sounds controversial though — we are positive — is a tasty combination.

As partial of a menu that numbers some 300 variations, Anthony has also paid succulent reverence to several other Real Madrid stars past and present.

There’s a “Sergio Ramos” pizza (pepperoni, tough boiled egg and black olive), a “Cristiano Ronaldo” (minced meat, boiled egg, olives) and a “Jose Mourinho” that is one of a many costly pizzas on a menu — maybe in gripping with a Manchester United manager’s complicated use of a bar coupon book.

This isn’t a initial time Ronaldo has perceived a food-based homage, with a Juventus star carrying a “CR7” ice cream crater launched in his honour by a gelato emporium in a encampment of Vinovo, only outward Turin, where a club’s training formidable is based.

Much like Vazquez, Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly had a pizza named in his honour by a grill in Naples — a extraordinary plate surfaced with olive paste, walnuts, parmesan and buffalo mozzarella.

You know you’ve done it in New York when they name a sandwich after you, and that’s a really honour that one Manhattan deli bestowed on Andrea Pirlo when a Italian maestro sealed for New York City FC behind in 2015.

For a record, a Pirlo sandwich was a brew of classical Mediterranean mixture — salami, boiled zucchini, mozzarella and preserved blueberries. Yum.

Shortly before Pep Guardiola took assign during Bayern Munich, McDonald’s in Germany motionless to acquire a ex-Barcelona manager by rising “The Hot Pep Guardinator”.

The sandwich went on sale in Munich branches of a quick food grill and consisted of a duck schnitzel burger slapped in a brownish-red hurl with cheese, jalapeno, sharp mustard and salsa.

Speaking of quick food, Andre-Pierre Gignac was apparently unfortunate to a indicate of authorised movement when Burger King launched an advert for their Whopper burgers that enclosed a then-Marseille striker’s name.

The aphorism was a anxiety to a intone sung by a visiting fans (“a Big Mac for Gignac”) to poke fun during a French international’s splay build.

ESPN FC’s Spain match Adriana Garcia contributed to this report

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