Real Madrid Transfer Barometer: An neophyte for Ramos

From Ronaldo in 2002 to James Rodriguez in 2014, Real Madrid have a unapproachable story of spending large on a biggest talent during a World Cup. Here we envision a 2018 Galacticos…


Harry Maguire

Today was a day that Harry Maguire came of age as an general defender, personification a staring purpose in England’s last-16 feat over Colombia.

He might not have had his busiest dusk in counterclaim as Colombia showed a miss of aspiration during times and maybe he could have even finished improved for Yerry Mina’s equaliser from a corner.

But what Maguire did conduct to do is infer that he can be as mean and asocial as a best defenders in a universe and with that, he might have done some of a preference makers during a Bernabeu lay adult and take notice.

There’s nobody improved learned in a dark-arts of fortifying than Madrid’s Sergio Ramos, though during 32 he can’t go on perpetually – many to a service of each striker he’s ever come adult against.

So where will Florentino Perez demeanour to for his subsequent mime villain? Well Maguire has done a outrageous matter of vigilant with his arrangement opposite Colombia, a side who themselves are famous for their streetwise ability to hook a rules.

The Leicester defender niggled, kicked ankles, dived and he gesticulated extravagantly to a arbitrate perplexing to remonstrate him to furnish a red care and did all of this though even picked adult as many as a booking.

It was truly a excellent arrangement of underhanded defending and if Perez is clever, he’ll get Maguire in this summer and give him a integrate of season’s tutelage underneath Ramos before a aged master sails off into a sunset.


Juan Quintero

Still on a books during Porto, carrying assimilated them in 2013, Quintero has spent a final 3 seasons out on loan and has never unequivocally lived adult to his apparent potential.

The aggressive midfielder detonate onto a stage in 2013 with his performances in a Under-20 World Cup earning him that pierce to Porto as good as a place in a ‘one to watch’ folder of scouts all over Europe.

But it’s been a career of fits and starts for Quintero given then, quite during bar turn after being farmed out to Rennes, Independiente Medellín and River Plate.

Still Quintero came into a contest in good form and grabbed a headlines in a organisation stages and a send report pages of a final few days have related him with Tottenham, Wolves and yes, even Real Madrid.

Unfortunately, in Colombia’s biggest game and with James Rodriguez out by injury, Quintero again unsuccessful to live adult to his promise.

He had a integrate of first-half flashes and managed dual considerable looking nutmeg passes, though was a newcomer for many of a diversion and eventually transposed before his side managed to measure their equaliser.

Still he is on a books of Jorge Mendes so we can substantially demeanour brazen to him eventually finale adult during Wolves for a integrate of seasons.

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