Real Madrid and Atlético to play a Club World Cup, Barcelona left out

The new FIFA Club World Cup will be played between 17 Jun and 4 Jul 2021 and will underline a new format to prior editions of a competition. Europe will be represented by a winners of a Champions League and Europa League from a prior 4 seasons – 8 teams in total; South America will have 6 teams while Africa, Asia and CONCACAF will have 3 teams each, will one deputy from Oceanía.

Club World Cup new format

If a same organisation has been crowned champions some-more than once during a four-year period, a place will be awarded to a subsequent organisation in a FIFA ranking of that sold continent. The new format of a 24-team Club World Cup will underline 8 groups of 3 teams with a 8 organisation winners advancing to a entertain finals.

Barcelona need to win a Champions League subsequent year or in 2021

Under a new format, dual Spanish teams have already competent for a initial book of a Super Club World CupReal Madrid, as Champions League winners in 2018, and Atlético de Madrid, as winners of a Europa League that same year. Barcelona however have been left though a place for a moment. The subsequent places will go to possibly Liverpool or Tottenham and Chelsea or Arsenal – a European finalists in this year’s competitions. FIFA wish a stream champions to be concerned that means that Barça still have dual seasons to win a Champions League and book their place during a tournament. The same gift criteria relates for South America, with dual clubs already by – Grêmio (Brazil) and River Plate (Argentina), as winners of a Copa Libertadores. FIFA have nonetheless to confirm where a new Club World Cup will be hold though a large favourite is Japan.

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