Ranking The Dodgers 40-Man Roster: Matt Kemp, Julio Urias Fall Between Nos. 21-30

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The Los Angeles Dodgers exaggerate copiousness of abyss on and over their 40-man roster. Some players will of march cause some-more prominently into a team’s success this season, while others will be used sparingly and some competence not strech a Majors.

In a second installment of ranking players on a Dodgers 40-man roster, a sign of a criteria…

I’m meditative usually about a 2018 deteriorate and ignoring contracts, salaries, age (for a many part), etc. This is not a trade value column, though rather a “considering altogether impact in 2018, that players are a “most profitable right now” column.

30. Tom Koehler, RP

Given that he has been saddled with a expectancy of being this season’s chronicle of Brandon Morrow, a existence is that Koehler stays a doubt symbol streamer into 2018. The good news with Koehler was that as a reliever final season, he was effective — permitting a .217 batting normal and .279 on-base commission to hostile hitters.

But a bad news is that this was in usually 14 appearances. Up until this point, Koehler has prolonged been a starter usually (and an spasmodic effective one), though it’s transparent that as of now his purpose for a Dodgers is as a reliever.

If not for a guaranteed Major League agreement that was given to him, he competence be reduce on a list, though as of now it’s transparent he’ll play a large purpose (for softened or worse) this season.

29. Yimi Garcia, RP

In 2016, Garcia pitched a sum of 15.2 innings conflicting 4 levels (including a Majors). In 2017, he pitched zero. So since so high on a list?

Despite entrance behind from Tommy John, Garcia has been great when healthy for a Dodgers. In 2015, he thew 56.2 innings and posted a 3.20 FIP while distinguished out 68 batters. In 2016, usually before removing injured, he had a 2.91 FIP in 9 appearances.

I’m bullish on Garcia this season, and consider he’ll be one of a many pleasing surprises a group has.

28. Matt Kemp, OF

I mean, where does this man belong? Can he still strike during a Major League level? Definitely. Can he field? Umm, no (think David Ortiz turn fielding). By all accounts, a Dodgers have no seductiveness in gripping Kemp around — and can’t seem to find anyone meddlesome in him.

While we wish there was a unfolding where he could contribute, there’s usually no room for Kemp on this register as a veteran pinch-hitter.

27. Adam Liberatore, RP

Like Garcia, this is someone I’ve always been high on. And someone we consider could carve out a good purpose for himself.

In 42.2 innings in 2016, Liberatore posted a 2.89 FIP, scarcely obscure it by a full run from a previou season. Unfortunately, 2017 was a deteriorate year by injuries and it’s overtly misleading usually how healthy Liberatore is right now.

If he is prepared to go in Spring Training, Liberatore could join Tony Cingrani and Scott Alexander as lefties accessible out of a bullpen.

26. Ross Stripling, RP

Forever famous for being pulled from a no-hitter in his MLB debut, Stripling done a transition to full-time reliever final deteriorate and was stone plain there. In 74.1 innings, Stripling posted a 3.68 FIP, though maybe many considerable was his 27 appearances of 1.1 or some-more innings pitched.

While he is doubtful to turn a widespread reliever, Stripling is a form of man we adore to have stuffing out your bullpen. One engaging thing with Stripling is deliberation what a Dodgers would do if they indispensable a No. 7 starter early in a year due to injuries.

It seems like Brock Stewart competence get a initial call, though over that is it Stripling? Wilmer Font? Walker Buehler?

25. Alex Verdugo, OF

It’s humorous to consider that we’ve already discussed 4 or 5 players who could start a deteriorate with a team, and we’re usually now removing to a tip 25 of a list. That’s since while some yet-to-come prospects are some-more talented, they could see themselves in a Minors to start a season.

Will Verdugo be one of those? Tough to say.

As it stands there doesn’t seem to be a transparent trail to unchanging personification time for him as prolonged as Chris Taylor stays in a outfield, unless Verdugo can kick out Andrew Toles, Kiké Hernandez and Joc Pederson for a mark in left field.

That said, Verdugo stays one of a best prospects in all of ball and is a many expected claimant to continue a Dodgers’ strain of Rookie of a Year winners.

24. Brock Stewart, SP

Talk about a man who — for his possess statistical success — is in a wrong organization. While some-more than gifted adequate to be a starter during a Major League level, Stewart has found himself buried on a abyss draft with clearly dozens of other MLB-caliber arms.

The good news for Stewart is that a integrate of those guys (Brandon McCarthy, Scott Kazmir) are gone, and so he’s now in line to be a No. 6 starter when a deteriorate begins. Of course, once Julio Urias earnings from damage and Buehler develops some-more that competence change.

But for now, Stewart’s a initial man to get a call. And, we should add, that’s good news for a Dodgers

While his numbers aren’t pretty, he has always struck me as a man who was some-more detrimental than anything else. we consider a things is there, and if given adequate of an opportunity, that he could rise into a plain No. 4 or 5 starter.

23. Pedro Baez, RP

Talk about a tumble from grace. Here are Baez’s ERAs over a past 3 seasons: 3.35, 3.04, 2.95. Note that he softened any singular year. And over that stretch, Baez has logged 189 innings conflicting 191 appearances.

That’s a many appearances of any Dodger pitcher over that stretch. And yet, here we are on a fringes of a 25-man register and we find Baez? Well, yes. A deeper dive in a numbers would explain why.

While his ERA has softened any season, Baez’s FIP tells a conflicting story — increasing any deteriorate to a indicate where it reached 4.44 this past season. That was misfortune among any Dodgers reliever with 30-plus innings pitched. To put it in perspective, FIP says he was worse than Chris Hatcher final season.

Now, a law of a matter is that these numbers are all impacted by a awful Sep and Oct in that Baez authorised 12 runs in 8.2 innings. Hitters slashed .342/.449/.732 opposite him during that time.

Even with that aside, however, there are lots of reasons for concern. Baez’s strikeouts per 9 innings were down, while his walks per 9 were up.

I consider it’s protected to contend that it’s distant from time to give adult on Baez, though substantially some-more satisfactory to contend it’s time to give adult on him being a eighth-inning reliever a Dodgers have wanted him to be in new years.

22. Josh Fields, RP

While reduction gifted than some of a guys next him, Fields creates adult for it with his durability. Since 2013, Fields has averaged over 48 appearances a year during a Major League level, and while 2017 was a down year, his altogether numbers have been impressive.

Last season, Fields posted a 2.84 ERA, though that was some-more a product of good happening than anything else (4.18 FIP). That said, Fields has traditionally been someone who has gotten bad fitness — posting a distant softened FIP than ERA in any of his prior 3 seasons.

21. Julio Urias, SP

Like Kemp, this felt like an unfit ranking to give, deliberation a doubt surrounding his health for 2018. Urias had shoulder medicine final Jun that close him down for a year and that threatened this deteriorate as well.

The good news, however, was that a latest news indicates that a Dodgers believe he could be behind as early as May.

When healthy, Urias, who is still usually 21 years old, has been considerable — posting a 3.17 FIP in 18 appearances in 2016, and a 4.70 FIP in 5 starts final season. If he can lapse to full health (a large ‘IF’), Urias should container into a revolution regardless of a health of others forward of him.

Thus, it creates this ranking seem satisfactory even with a guaranteed missed time.

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