Ranking Seth Rollins’ 7 Best Matches with WWE

    Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. The Bar (SummerSlam 2017)

    Rollins severed ties with his Shield brethren in Jun 2014, and it took years for Dean Ambrose to finally pardon him for his sins.

    At 2017’s SummerSlam event, they got behind on a same page to take out dual common enemies in Sheamus and Cesaro.

    The muted label was highlighted by this hotly contested strife as it kicked off a fun run for Rollins and Ambrose as a Raw tab group champions.


    The Shield vs. Evolution (Payback 2014)

    The Shield initial defeated Evolution during Extreme Rules, though a mythological contingent consisting of Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista was hell-bent on avenging that detriment during Payback in a hardcore six-man tab group rejecting match.

    It finished adult being a saved biased squish with Rollins, Ambrose and Roman Reigns picking adult a biggest win of their common careers, usually to go their apart ways a subsequent night.


    Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose (Money in a Bank 2015)

    Evidently, Rollins and Ambrose have waged fight both together and opposite any other some-more times than one can count.

    Their adversary reached new heights (literally and figuratively) during Money in a Bank 2015 when they fought for Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a categorical eventuality ladder match.

    Both group had clever showings, though ultimately, it was The Architect who reigned supreme.


    The Shield vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust (Battleground 2013): The tumble of 2013 was a lifeless duration for WWE programming, though during slightest fans had The Shield’s exhilarated argument with a Rhodes brothers to demeanour brazen to from week-to-week.

    Cody, Dusty Rhodes and Goldust’s WWE jobs were on a line here, creation it all a some-more romantic when they found a approach to overcome a odds, outmanoeuvre The Authority and kick The Hounds of Justice.


    Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens (Hell in a Cell 2016): It took Rollins several years to find his balance as a face after primarily branch in 2016, though his integrity to be a best never wavered.

    This Hell in a Cell compare featured copiousness of sparkling and jaw-dropping moments, though interjection to division from Kevin Owens’ best bud, Chris Jericho, Rollins was incompetent to explain a Universal Championship.

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