Random Thoughts: Season is over, RIP a sore “white Russian no Cup” joke

Well, a book on a 2017-18 deteriorate is over and for a initial time given Oct 2015 a hockey actor not compared with a Pittsburgh Penguins has overwhelmed a Stanley Cup. It’s going to take a while to hang your mind around that, though during slightest it’s over and finished with as we pierce into a offseason.

Some pointless thoughts:

—First off, a robust and frank congrats to a friends during Japers Rink (and to a non-troll Caps fans everywhere); really overwhelming blog ran by a good organisation of folks. As Pens fans we might never like to see rivals win, though saying a submissive fan bottom get to bask in excellence is what it’s all about. We have copiousness of a possess uninformed memories of new championships to reason us over, and unless you’re personification it a video game, your group isn’t going to win ‘em all. But, there’s always subsequent year..

—One of a few things a NHL does right is that they have a best prize in a universe and a best prize jubilee and display in a world. It doesn’t go to an owners first, a players get it. A approach to make it better? Instead of promulgation Gary Bettman out there, consternation if a final captain to win it awards it to a subsequent one? Other than a apparent bad visible this time, that would be a explosve approach to pass a torch.

—This is a initial time given 1995 that a Penguins have mislaid to a contingent Stanley Cup champion in a turn before a Finals (with apparently Detroit in 2008 violence a Pens). Pretty extraordinary given that encompasses 13 eliminations, some of them 2-3 rounds in, though for a prolonged time violence what’s generally been clever Pittsburgh teams hasn’t led to glory.

—Kinda wise that Alex Ovechkin scored his 15th idea final night, restraining Sidney Crosby for many goals in one playoff in this era. The dual support any other really well, and one day we’ll demeanour behind on this like hockey’s chronicle of Magic/Bird. Two rivals now with some-more in common.

—The Pens and Capitals are so related via a years and now another engaging connection; a 2017-18 Caps join a 1990-91 Pittsburgh group as a usually clubs to route during one indicate in each array and still overcome and win a Cup.

Upping a ante is another parallel; a ‘91 Pens were down 1 diversion to 0 to a Caps in a 2nd round. The ‘18 Caps were down 1-0 to a Pens in a 2nd round. Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln, Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy.

—And now that creates 3 years using that a leader of Pens/Caps in a 2nd turn goes on to win it all. If we were a betting chairman it certain would seem some-more expected than not with this playoff format that we are going to see Pittsburgh v. Washington for a fourth true year subsequent year. Can’t wait already.

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