Raiders countdown to kickoff: 66 is Gabe Jackson, who wore it best?

OG Gabe Jackson

As of final week, a pretension “OG” takes on a whole new definition for Big Smooth. Dude got PAID, apropos a third top paid guard in a joining on a 5-year, $56 million extension.

Drafted in a third turn as a vital partial of a illusory 2014 draft, Jackson immediately sealed down a starting pursuit during left ensure and had a illusory rookie season. He spent his initial dual seasons during left ensure as arguably a team’s best lineman. Then they combined Kelechi Osemele that stirred Jackson to pierce to right guard.

A brief transition to right ensure and he was only as widespread as he had been on a left side. He didn’t give adult a pouch final deteriorate and ‘Route 66’ far-reaching open for a Raiders to put adult a league’s sixth best rushing attack.

Who wore it best: Gabe Jackson (2014-present)

Kevin Gogan also spent 3 seasons with a Raiders from 1994-96 and went to a Pro Bowl in one of those seasons, so in that courtesy he would seem to have a slight leg adult on Jackson during this juncture. However, 3 seasons was it for Gogan with a Raiders. Jackson was a Pro Bowl swap final deteriorate and played during or nearby a Pro Bowl turn given he was drafted.

Judging a lineman by Pro Bowls can be false since they don’t have decisive stats. Osemele was a Pro Bowl size lineman in Baltimore before he came to Oakland, though it wasn’t until his outrageous giveaway representative agreement that anyone unequivocally noticed. And wouldn’t we know it, he was ‘suddenly’ an All Pro.

Jackson is entering his fourth deteriorate with a Raiders as a full time starting ensure with 5 some-more seasons after that. He has determined himself as a new face of a series 66.

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