Quinn Cook’s purpose with a Golden State Warriors has diminished, though he’s gripping sharp

By C.J. Peterson
Special to S.F. Examiner

OAKLAND — On Wednesday night, in an dull Oracle Arena, with a fans prolonged left after a 131-121 Golden State Warriors win, Quinn Cook — still in his comfortable adult rigging — got adult shots. He hadn’t played a singular notation opposite a New Orleans Pelicans, his second DNP of a immature deteriorate and initial of dual uninterrupted non-participant designations that week.

Despite a fact that Golden State has been down a ensure — due to Shaun Livingston’s whinging feet damage — a Warriors have opted to give mins to prolific wing Alfonzo McKinnie, instead of Cook. That doesn’t meant he won’t have a place in a rotation, though.

“We’ve only been personification Zo [Alfonzo McKinnie] in those minutes,” pronounced conduct manager Steve Kerr. “Zo’s been personification so good that we’ve motionless to stay bigger on a perimeter. We have some-more length defensively. But it doesn’t meant that Quinn is out of a picture”

 Last season, a Warriors removed Cook from a Santa Cruz Warriors — Golden State’s G-League associate — after Stephen Curry was hobbled with an ankle damage late in a year.  

At a time, Cook was personification underneath a two-way contract, though remained on Golden State’s active register for a remaining 20 games of a unchanging season.  

In those 20 games — including 11 starts — Cook averaged 13.5 points per diversion and 3.1 assists, including a 30-point opening opposite a Milwaukee Bucks, that was a many points any two-way actor scored in a diversion that season.

By a finish of a unchanging season, Cook’s contributions were convincing adequate to convince a Warriors coaching staff to cut brazen Omri Casspi in sequence to keep Cook on a playoff roster.

“We had a Steph damage and we had no choice,” Kerr said. “We had to have Quinn since he had played so good and we didn’t have Steph going into a playoffs.” 

On Apr 10, a Warriors sealed Cook to a two-year, $1.5 million contract, gripping him in blue and bullion until a finish of a 2020 season, when he is set to turn a limited giveaway agent.  

So distant this season, Cook has seen mins in 7 of Golden State’s 10 games played. Averaging 4.8 points per diversion on 42 percent shooting, however, a Duke product has seen a solid dump off in prolongation from a prior season.

During this time, McKinnie — another former G-Leaguer who sealed a two-year agreement himself before a deteriorate began — has gifted a breakthrough. McKinnie entered training stay in Oct and fast determined himself as a deputy for Patrick McCaw, who has been blank in movement due to an ongoing holdout that began before a start of a season.

Thanks to his proficient ability to miscarry and ubiquitous bargain of building spacing, McKinnie has warranted a over-abundance of on-court time, personification 38 mins and 19 seconds between dual double-digit wins during Oracle Arena.  

By putting adult 13 points on tip of 13 rebounds and sharpened 70 percent from a floor, a 6-foot-8 wing’s prolongation has been convincing adequate to strike him forward of Cook in a rotation.

Even as Cook’s purpose has shrunk, a 25-year-old hasn’t let a skip of personification time stop him from gripping adult with his game, heading to a post-game examination on Wednesday. 

“I didn’t even need to see that to know what kind of teammate and workman Quinn is,” Kerr said. “He a unusual tellurian being only in terms of his acceptance of a purpose and his recognition of how this works.”

According to Kerr, Livingston might skip adult to dual some-more weeks, including Monday’s diversion opposite a Memphis Grizzlies, with that same feet injury. Depending on how matchups play out, it might be there where Cook will see on-court time.

“Lately he hasn’t been in a mix,” Kerr said. “But he’ll be behind in there during some point.”

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