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QUESTION: Given how most outfield abyss there is in a Cardinals’ teenager joining system, because did they chose to go to a long-term joining to a post-30 year-old actor in Dexter Fowler? It’s expected a Cardinals will never get a deteriorate from Fowler as good as his 2016. If there weren’t a garland of OFs stacking adult in a minors, we could know a signing. Was it a panic move? 

GORDO: Upon serve review, yes, it was a panic move. Mozeliak was awaiting Carpenter to pierce down and develop as a No. 3 hitter and that didn’t work. Fowler has scuffled, in partial due to injuries, and now this group has a quandary going forward.

Follow-up comments: Randal Grichuk and Dexter Fowler have 31 RBIs — though Grichuk is in 37 reduction ABs, or about 9-10 games. And we would take his fielding over Fowler’s this season. Production vs. income is approach out of proportion, eh?

GORDO: Fowler has been a beating for sure. Shoulder, heel and wrist/forearm injuries have factored in — but, yes, a Cards need a lot some-more for their $82.5 million. He will be an engaging actor to watch going forward. He can’t strike leadoff with Carpenter here and this group has improved defensive options for CF.

Follow-up: One approach to get Fowler to relinquish his no-trade proviso is to have a TRUE foe for a starting pursuit in open training. Not like a “competition” for 3B this year, though a foe where if Fowler does not win a position, he is a 4th OF.

GORDO: We can all see Fowler relocating out of CF given a competition, that would make him consider about that no-trade proviso if a right event came along down a road.

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