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QUESTION: Do we trust there is any effect in a Blues trade to a Senators for Mike Hoffman? Or to be some-more blunt, will Hoffman be wearing a Note this year?

GORDO: Right now Ottawa wants talent for talent on Hoffman. So there is no good fit for a Blues on that level. If they wish to speak prospects over a chosen immature forwards, there competence be a fit. The top emanate would need some work. Many other teams are looking for scoring abyss and many of those are improved positioned to deal.

Follow-up: What would it take for a Blues to get Max Pacioretty from Montreal? Would Montreal have seductiveness in Sammy Blais? Hoffman is a left winger, too, like Pacioretty. Are there no right wings available? 

GORDO: There are really few forwards accessible period. Montreal and Ottawa have tanked, so a makeover seems to be coming. For some reason Ottawa has deserted prospect/pick offers. As for Montreal, Pacioretty is a long-lived 30-goal scorer. Marc Bergevin needs to get a outrageous lapse for him. Not certain we see a outrageous package entrance from a Blues.

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