Pros and Cons of WWE Moving Back to Raw, SmackDown Matches on Every PPV


Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair both competing during Battleground. Braun Strowman and Shinsuke Nakamura both battling for bullion during Payback. It all might be a existence as a widen between WWE Raw and SmackDown’s worlds might shortly grow smaller. 

There’s reason to trust WWE will do divided with a brand-specific pay-per-views. The code separate wouldn’t finish in terms of TV, usually a PPV side of things.  

As Raj Giri forked out on WrestlingInc, Backlash will apparently incorporate both Raw and SmackDown’s rosters. Rumors and conjecture have followed about possibly WWE will do a same for all PPVs. If that’s a case, fans will be left with churned emotions.

While a pierce would boost shows in terms of name power, a cards won’t have adequate room for some of a rising stars from a red and blue brands. Just like a preference to give Raw and SmackDown their possess PPVs, a retreat has a series of plusses and minuses. 

Con: Fewer Opportunities For Midcard Talent

Aside from a beast events like SummerSlam and WrestleMania, there are typically about 7 or 8 matches on any given PPV card. If any PPV facilities both Raw and SmackDown stars, that usually gives any uncover around 4 clashes to insert their talent.

So while 6 women from a Raw women’s multiplication got a mark on a theatre during TLC: Tables, Ladders Chairs final year, that wouldn’t be a box with a dual-branded approach. Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox expected wouldn’t make a cut.

That’s going to be a norm.

WWE might leave Mojo Rawley off a series of shows interjection to a miss of room. Elias might not get called on scarcely as often. Fewer spots during a list will be bad news for a rising stars from possibly brand.

Pro: Concentrated Star Power

WWE had to mostly widen a register skinny for brand-specific shows. Aiden English vs. Tye Dillinger during final year’s Battleground, for example, was pristine filler.

The association won’t have to go that track as it will have distant some-more names to select from any time out.

Pittsburgh Tribune columnist Justin LaBar commented on a boost in sketch energy that we’ll see:

As is stands, AJ Styles misses several PPVs a year. We don’t see Strowman’s special code of drop during SmackDown-only shows. Asuka is usually around for Raw and a Big Four PPVs. That would change should WWE change a approach.

Suddenly, even a B and C shows would have some-more talent to exaggerate about.

Con: Lack of Brand Identity

It usually won’t feel like a loyal code separate with dual-branded PPVs.

The approach it is now allows SmackDown and Raw to compete, to any try to broach a improved show. Some events have a Raw feel, some have a SmackDown atmosphere to them. The red brand’s shows offer a cruiserweight division; a blue code has a impassioned tab group scene.

Merging it all will brew all together.

And shows like WrestleMania, Royal Rumble and Survivor Series that underline a full WWE register won’t feel utterly as special. They won’t be a usually times to see Styles and Lesnar on a same eventuality or Asuka and Becky Lynch both brew it adult with their foes. It will all be commonplace.

That’s not a outrageous understanding in a large picture, though some-more overlie will moderate code identity. 

Pro: Less Overloaded Schedule

One would assume that if WWE is going a dual-branded direction, a association could cut down a list of shows. There would no longer be a need to run dual PPVs in a month as WWE did in June, Jul and October, and relocating divided from 18 PPVs a year would be refreshing.

A thinned-out schedule would assistance make these events feel some-more special. For even a many fervent of fans, it’s tough to get pumped about a PPV when it feels like there’s one any other week.

There’s a possibility to cut costs here as good as equivocate spectator fatigue. No one is going to strew a rip if shows like Roadblock: End of a Line go away. 

As a bonus, an eventuality like Elimination Chamber could possibly underline a signature compare with a brew of Raw and SmackDown stars or else twice ask wrestlers to enter Satan’s Prison.

The intensity pierce to Raw and SmackDown pity their theatre during any PPV gives fans reason to applaud as most as it will leave behind aspects a assembly will hunger for. There’s no ideal answer to this situation, no devise but a faults.

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