Pro Bowlers Draft during Wheeler

WHEELER ARMY AIR FIELD, Hawaii (Jan. 28, 206) — Partnered with a NFL, ESPN, USAA and Garrison, a 25th Infantry Division hosted a 2016 Pro Bowl Draft in a 25th Combat Aviation Brigade’s hangers on Wheeler Army Airfield, Jan. 28.

The breeze celebration brought Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guard Personnel, family and friends together with a best NFL players in a nation to applaud a breeze of this year’s Pro Bowl teams.

“I’m a outrageous fan of football and I’m creatively from San Diego, we grew adult a Charger’s fan,” pronounced Spc. Jason Gamache, 25th Infantry Division Soldier of a Quarter, 2-25 Aviation Regiment, “I’m a small unhappy to see them withdrawal San Diego though it doesn’t make me any reduction of a fan.”

Across dual 2-6th Cavalry hangers, were widespread mixed interactive events sponsored by USAA. These events authorised Soldiers and guest to correlate with NFL players, take selfies and poise with a Pro Bowl trophy.

“I consider it’s good for an classification like a NFL and a U.S. Army, a troops as a whole to be means to work together and move a village together, generally in these times,” pronounced Gamache.

“You wouldn’t design that a troops and civilians would coordinate with any other like this to move a Pro Bowl Draft here and indeed environment adult ESPN right here in front of us, something we never seen before,” pronounced Spc. Quinton Brown, Pro Bowl Support Deatil, 2-6 Cavalry Regiment.

“It’s a good event for us generally being in a sanctified conditions to even be here,” pronounced Branden Albert, Offensive Tackle, Miami Dolphins. “It’s a blessing to be out here in this continue enjoying time with a fans and a Soldiers.”

Gamache was comparison by multiplication care to seem live on radio during a Pro Bowl Draft. He placed a player’s names on a house as they were selected, along with 4 other use members, representing all 5 branches of a military.

“It’s always a good experience, It’s a good event being here, generally in a 25th Infantry Division, I’ve had a lot of unequivocally singular opportunities not only what we see on a recruiting commercials though to correlate with a village and improved a classification as a whole,” pronounced Gamache. “I unequivocally conclude those opportunities and am unequivocally unapproachable of a event to give back.”

The Pro Bowl will be hold during a Aloha Stadium on Oahu this Sunday, Jan. 31.

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