PODCAST: Michael Phelps Talks Building A Brand And Promoting Mental Health For Athletes

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For many of Michael Phelps’s Olympic career, life was a array of soaring highs and abrasive lows. He lerned forever in shade for 4 years, all for a brief detonate of glory, bullion medals, and tellurian press —and afterwards once a games were through,  behind to obscurity. It’s not only Phelps, a many flashy Olympian ever with 23 bullion medals, who suffers this rollercoaster though many veteran athletes opposite each sport.

Michael Phelps (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank around Getty Images)

Retired from veteran swimming, Phelps now turns his high appetite and relentless expostulate to 3 pivotal causes — building his business brand, flourishing his substructure that focuses on H2O reserve and H2O conservation, and lifting a veil, and a stigma, off a depression that hits many chosen athletes. Phelps joined The Forbes Interview podcast to speak about life after a Olympics, his new float competition fit he’s about to launch,  how his Michael Phelps Foundation is partnering with Colgate to foster H2O conservation, and how a male who never missed a pool examination in 5 years is adjusting to municipal life on land. (hint: lots of cycling).

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