Pittsburgh “quietly” on a hunt to try and supplement John Tavares?

Last month Elliotte Friedman was talkin’ about a Penguins as a warn group to try and find a approach to supplement free-agent-to-be John Tavares and only over 3 weeks divided from Jul 1st, he’s still got it in mind.

How could it happen? Last month we wrote:

Hypothetically speaking…How a Penguins could trim $7 million:

Trade Sheary ($3.0) for a breeze pick. Insert Sprong (est. income $800k) – saves $2.2 million

Shed Hunwick. Worst case, bury him in minors (saves $1.025 million), pointer a inexpensive oldster D giveaway representative for $700k – saves $0.325 million, if not some-more if another entrance is there on a trade, though top assets here will be minimal given a Pens will have to reinstate a abyss lost

Trade Sheahan ($2.075m) for a breeze pick. Insert Teddy Blueger or J.S. Dea as 4th line core (estimated cost $700k on a one-way deal). Saves $1.375 million

Trade Hagelin ($4m) for futures. Insert Zach Aston-Reese ($.925m). Saves $3.075 million

Total savings: $6.975m

As we competence have heard, there have also been rumors of several degrees of certainty that a Pens will/might/could perform trade offers for Phil Kessel too, that could also feasible save income on a income cap. Though, as always with Kessel rumors, many forget or are ignorant to Phil’s 23 group no-trade list and his past story of not budging on it, so trade him competence be some-more formidable (and certainly reduction fruitful) than a infrequent spectator realizes.

Back to Tavares, a large adhering indicate still looks like money. Why would he take reduction from Pittsburgh than he could get in many other places? Why would he wish to play as a 3rd line center? Or worse, out of position on a wing, really?

Not most of “Tavares to Pittsburgh” creates a ton of sense, though ubiquitous manager Jim Rutherford is a renegade. It doesn’t sound improbable or out of impression that he competence be spinning by a million scenarios as to how it could work to lift it off. Tavares would also have to have a mindset we mentioned before about “Marian Hossa fasten Detroit in 2008” to spin down improved offers only to join what he thinks would be a Stanley Cup size team. Other than Hossa, no prime, chosen giveaway representative in new NHL has ever finished that.

All that said, it also still doesn’t change simple math or a fact that a Pens don’t unequivocally need another luminary core as most as they need some-more peculiarity winger abyss and an additional defenseman or dual as some-more picturesque off-season selling list entries.

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