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The Pittsburgh Penguins have played 19 unchanging deteriorate games, that puts us during about a entertain approach by a season. Here are 3 startling stats from a 2017-2018 debate so far.

-17 Goal Differential

The Pittsburgh Penguins as a whole purebred a -17 idea differential. Sidney Crosby and Kris Letang lead a NHL with -14 ratings. Hockey is weird. Given that Sid and Letang have been personification a many mins during their positions, it creates clarity their +/- has suffered.

The Pens are flattering center of a highway offensively during a moment, ranking 17th in a NHL in sum goals scored. They also arrange 30th in goals authorised with 67. Only Arizona has authorised more. And Arizona has won dual games. Yikes.

A few blowout have unequivocally mired some of a group stats to start a season, though it is value observant that when this group loses, it can remove big.

5-0-0 / .943 SV% / 1.82 GAA

Above is Matt Murray‘s stat line during home this season. Though we’ve seen some vital motion between games for this group this season, one thing has remained constant: Murray is a God on home ice.

With Niemi left (RIP) and a immature Jarry stuffing in as second string, Murray is guaranteed to start 60 games. It’s easy to forget, though a male is usually 23 years old. He set career high in starts final deteriorate with 49. The combined work should yield utterly a plea for a dual time Cup winner, and a Pittsburgh Penguins competence need to gaunt on him to take some games down a road.

22 Points

For a initial time in what feels like 100 years, someone other than Geno or Sid is heading a approach offensively. Phil Kessel showed up, stole everyone’s hearts, downed some footlongs, and won a integrate cups.

Phil has shown his loyal size this season, racking adult 7 goals and 15 assists in 19 games. He carries (and delivers) a mail on a powerplay, induction 11 of his 22 points with a male advantage.

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It’s a tad startling though it unequivocally solidifies a hype around a many memed actor in a league. Even when a group is being outscored, he can still put adult point-per-game numbers.

63 Games

Not a stat, though a conclusion. The Pittsburgh Penguins have  63 unchanging deteriorate games remaining in a 2017 season. While we wish a teams idea differential does a 180, some things we’d adore to see continue. That flattering sums adult a commencement to this season. Some good, some bad. With a most kinder report coming in a latter half of a season, fans can sojourn assured that this group will get prohibited during a right time.

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