Pittsburgh Penguins: The Chances of Landing Will Butcher

Will Butcher, a 2017 Hobey Baker leader as a best NCAA actor this deteriorate will be a giveaway representative subsequent week. The Pittsburgh Penguins should be in on his sweepstakes.

With many of a large name NHL giveaway agents off a table, a Pittsburgh Penguins competence be means to find another desired giveaway representative subsequent week. Only this one hasn’t played in a NHL yet.

Will Butcher is his name and he is a immature defenceman with good potential. Alyssa Naimoli wrote about because a Penguins should get in on a giveaway representative frenzy around him earlier this week.

The Penguins should really try to pointer him if they can. After all, Butcher’s representative Brian Bartlett told a Post-Gazette that they would be really meddlesome if a Penguins called.

“If they occur to call,” Bartlett said, “I’m certain we’d answer a phone.”

Today, let’s take a demeanour during a Penguins genuine chances of appropriation Will Butcher.

Where Else Might He Land?

The Chicago Blackhawks competence be another swain meddlesome in appropriation Butcher’s services. They are a group that can contest for a cup, yet they are struggling depth-wise. With so many costly contracts sealed in their stars, Butcher seems like a ideal affordable defenceman to assistance them out.

The Washington Capitals are in a identical conditions as a Blackhawks and competence wish to pointer a cheap, high-potential defenceman to assistance their roster.

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The Detroit Red Wings seem to be prepared to make a pull for him, yet it’s tough to see where he’ll fit in, generally with their signing of Trevor Daley. The New Jersey Devils competence be looking to offer Butcher a lot of NHL mins right away. The Devils are a rebuilding group and competence be means to offer some-more than some other teams.

What Can Pittsburgh Offer?

So what are a chances Will Butcher comes to Pittsburgh? Well it indeed seems flattering good if we ask me.

We’re back-to-back Stanley Cup winners, and it looks like we have a good shot during a three-peat. Like we mentioned before, it seems as yet Butcher’s representative is already meddlesome in Pittsburgh as a destination. It could be a ideal fit.

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Butcher would give us a much-needed abyss we are looking for during an affordable price. We competence still be looking for a inexpensive third-line centre, yet we could still have adequate top space to pointer Butcher. If a cost is right, Butcher competence be looking during some places to live in Pittsburgh some time soon. Let’s wish that happens!


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