Pittsburgh Penguins: Leon Draisaitl Could Answer Team’s Center Woes

With a NHL deteriorate a small some-more than dual months away, a Pittsburgh Penguins are still though a correct abyss during center.

Nick Bonino left for Nashville, Oskar Sundqvist was traded for Ryan Reaves and Matt Cullen still hasn’t done a decision about his probable lapse to a league. And the Pittsburgh Penguins offseason has not done centers a priority, withdrawal a group with a vast opening adult the middle of a ice.

Thankfully, a high-quality choice competence still be accessible to GM Jim Rutherford and a Penguins as a group gears adult for a run during a third-consecutive Stanley Cup: Leon Draisaitl

The Pros

The 21-year-old brazen from Germany is entrance off a glorious deteriorate with a Edmonton Oilers. Playing in all 82 games, Draisaitl tallied 29 goals and 48 assists for a sum of 77 points. His scoring hold was second usually to that of luminary Connor McDavid.

Acquiring Draisaitl would also paint a vital ascent over both Bonino and Cullen.

According to Own The Puck’s HERO Charts, Draisaitl would paint an ascent over final year’s centers in each facet: goals, shots generated, shots suppressed, etc.

Draisaitl is clearly an chosen actor with estimable durability. The doubt afterwards becomes because haven’t a Penguins already grabbed him?

The Cons

Draisaitl is a limited giveaway agent.

That right there is adequate for many to tighten a books on him. There has prolonged been an tacit formula among NHL GMs that immature RFAs are most untouchable. Only one offer piece hasn’t been matched in a final 20 years. Plus, a Penguins have less than $4 million to work with during a moment.

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But a Oilers are rather ham stringed though a mammoth contract they only awarded McDavid. With an AAV of $12.5 million, a Oilers will find themselves incompetent to keep earnest youngsters like Draisaitl around for long. If a Penguins pushed their limits, they may be means to make a run during him.

I will acknowledge that this understanding is a long-shot for Pittsburgh. Draisaitl is a earnest immature timber that a Oilers will work tough to keep. But with a deteriorate fast approaching, long-shots competence be a Penguin’s best shot for anticipating abyss during center.


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