Pittsburgh Penguins have all to gain, San Jose Sharks have zero to remove in Game 5

10:55 PM ET

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Grandparents, girlfriends, wives, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, childhood friends, anyone with connectors to a Pittsburgh Penguins are nearing en masse with a expectation — nay, romantic wish — that a Stanley Cup will be awarded during a Consol Energy Center on Thursday night and that they will join a celebration.

Outside those in a middle round of players and staff, a city is in a state of behind derangement in expectation of what would be a first-ever Stanley Cup won on home ice here in Pittsburgh, to go with their 3 won on a road.

None of this is being presumptive. Sure, a Penguins are adult 3-1, though a same kind of last-minute transport skeleton are done by family and friends of teams on a verge of winning a Stanley Cup each year. It has always been so, only as a attainment of a Cup in Pittsburgh on Wednesday is partial of a slight during this connection of a playoffs.

For a San Jose Sharks, their charge in a face of all this expectation and formulation is simple: sleet on a parade.

Many of his players were partial of a organisation that blew a 3-0 array lead opposite a Los Angeles Kings in 2014.

“We have some guys that vividly remember that,” DeBoer said. “They know how fast a win can spin a momentum.”

No one shoulders as large a weight streamer into Game 5 as Pavelski, a Sharks’ captain who hasn’t scored and who had only 4 shots before entrance adult with a five-shot opening in a Sharks’ 3-1 detriment in Game 4.

“We’re still right here,” Pavelski said. “If we can find a approach to win this game, it really breathes a small some-more life into us. This organisation has always had a lot of fun playing, regardless of a situation. We consider we’ve still got a push.”

And so we conduct to Game 5, with a families entertainment and a Stanley Cup being prepared if resources foreordain an appearance, and a Sharks will do all they can to make certain it is all for naught.

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